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Favorite go-to Apps!

Okay so my go-to apps, my post might be typical and boring because my go-to apps are mainly all social media apps!! But hey, you’re reading this right now aren’t you?

This blog post is actually going along with one of my classes right now! I just finished a paper in my University Writing class and we have started researching and reading about the effect smartphones have on our generation! So while reading this, you can pretend I’m one of those teens who’s brain is destroyed because of my social media usage and smartphone, screen time!!!

This will be so incredibly stereotypical but whatever, my most used app is definitely Snapchat!!! I use it to “stay in touch” with kids from my high school and talk to Bryce! If I’m being honest, I hate the concept of streaks! Like HATE the concept of them! And yes, if you’re asking, I do have them! Why you ask? I have no idea! I feel like if I don’t have a streak with someone then I’ll lose contact with them, but in reality I don’t care what they’re doing anyway!! (And I only respond like 1-3 times a day anyway!)

Now, going off of this point, yes I do use iMessage A LOT!! That’s when I really talk to people and when I have to tell them something really important!! But I feel like iMessage is a given so we’ll skip this one!

Okay, so my second go-to app is very stereotypical as well, Instagram!! Yeah I just go on it a lot when I’m bored! It’s fun to see what famous people are doing and what people I know are doing throughout the day as well! I honestly love Instagram and the endless, creative, exciting pictures and people you can find, including Coffee & Cannoli!

Now, I’d have to say my third favorite app is VSCO!! And NO I’m not a VSCO girl!! I love VSCO because it’s a platform to publicize any and all pictures! People don’t care what you do on VSCO, they want to see the real side of you! I feel like there’s a stigma around Instagram where you can only post your best pictures, so then you go to VSCO and post your unedited, true self!! And it’s a great photo editing app lol

After that I’d have to say Pinterest is one of my favorite go-to apps!! I LOVE Pinterest!! I get honestly all of my inspiration from Pinterest! My fashion board could beat any of yours!! I look at it whenever I’m stuck trying to figure out an outfit!! (Or hairstyle, or nail color, or how I should set up my pictures on my wall, etc.) Pinterest is definitely one of my favorite apps to just go through when I’m bored or when I’m in need of inspiration!

Lastly, TIK TOK!!! AHA I’m just kidding! Or am I?!?!!?;)



There really is an app for EVERYTHING. I have seen everything from an app that shows you what you will look like as you age (I'm avoiding that app) to an app that tells you the best time to pee during a movie! No joke! It's called RunPee lol!

But we all have our favorite apps that we go-to and these are currently my go-to...

Instagram - before starting the blog with Elsa, I was not really on any social media per se and here we are posting pictures about our life, fashion and everything in between. All of it on Instagram :)

Google Maps and Weather Bug - could not live without them.

Starbucks - no brainer.

Target - no brainer.

Spotify - where I listen to all of my music.

Lightroom - this is an amazing app to edit your photos. I use this ALL THE TIME. Check out the difference between these two photos.

Jesus Calling - this is a great devotional app that I use every morning.

Merriam Webster - I still need a dictionary.

EveryDollar - great budgeting app that is simple. app - ok friends, this is an app you have to download! And then make sure you follow Elsa and I! This is the platform most influencers use for an easy way to shop our photos. Another amazing thing about this app is that you can screenshot a picture on Instagram and then go to the app and hit the screenshot icon to be taken directly to that picture. It's amazing!!!!

What are your go-to apps? Please share in the comments, we want to know!!!!



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