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Favorite denim shorts + you don't want to miss this major sale (no it's not Nordstrom lol)

Most years I struggle to find a really good pair of denim shorts, but this year I have found several! And I love them all!!!! And each pair covers my entire bum and then some - woohoo!

The Free People Makai Cutoff shorts have been on repeat all summer long and they are on MAJOR sale from Macy's! Only $40!!! Wow! I would definitely size down on these shorts.

Next up are my favorite denim shorts from Walmart! These shorts are so comfortable and the price is perfect - only $22!

Last but not least are these fabulous Levi's denim shorts from Amazon. And only $30!


We wanted to let you know about a great sale that is happening on July 19th. It will be a In-App Exclusive. You need to make sure you download the app to access the special discounts. And this is an app you will want to save as this is where we post ALL of our outfits and content. Click HERE to access our account.

There will be exclusive sales from major brands and we have already ordered a few items that we can't wait to share with you. Take a look...

Please let us know if you have any questions! We are here to help you save money :) Have a great weekend!

~Jen & Elsa


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