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Family Room Transformation + what Elsa is doing over winter break

When Elsa graduated from high school this year we decided to update our family room. After we had it painted (Agreeable Gray by Sherwin Williams) we realized that our current couch did not match the walls anymore and like any home project, it turned into a little more than we anticipated (the master bathroom will have to wait...again :))

And like any of my home projects, I immediately called up my girlfriend who is a MASTER decorator and begged her to help me. This girl has an amazing home and her taste is so spot on! And she likes to say that she has champagne taste on a beer budget...that is my kind of gal!!!!!

First up, replace the couch. This took some time but we found it and I am in LOVE with our new couch from Arhaus! And I was even able to sell our old one on a Facebook yard sale group - woohoo!!! I cannot even begin to tell you how great this couch is. It is so comfortable with down cushions and completely stain resistant! I already spilled red wine on it (yep!) and it completely came out with just water. You can actually put bleach on this fabric - I am hoping I will not have to do that anytime soon lol.

We decided to transform the family room from a more traditional look into a more simple & elegant look.

We flipped the layout which made a huge difference and added some woodwork around the window instead of window treatments.

Jason built the bookshelves years ago and instead of painting behind them, my girlfriend suggested wallpaper! This is probably one of my favorite parts of the family room - simple and yet brings curiosity to the space. We spent hours looking at wallpaper books and fell in love with this one from Magnolia Home by Joanna Gaines.

Then it was time to add the finishing touches to the space. Remember the champagne taste on a beer budget? So we found great items at Home Goods, Wayfair, Target and Hobby Lobby.

Although at the moment my couch is covered in blankets so Bucky does not get it dirty, we are all loving the new transformation.

Here are few more before and after pics...




Family Room Details


My plans for winter break!!!! Welllll I have none!! Literally 0 plans!! During my parents Christmas party a bunch of people came up to me and asked what my plans were and if I was working over break, none and nope!! Well I am trying to just babysit here and there to get some extra cash but otherwise NO PLANS!

Now, how do I feel about this? Actually, quite wonderful! Over winter break I’ve always had basketball, and don’t get me wrong it was nice to have a workout but I am so excited to literally do nothing! Another super nice thing about this break is that I have no homework/class/reading/assignment to be worrying about at all, like AT ALL!!! I feel like this is the first break in a while and possibly even during high school where I really just have nothing to worry about. Then again I could be over exaggerating, but oh well!

Aside from doing nothing and sometimes babysitting, I’m really trying to do and experience new workouts! For example, mama and I tried Orange Theory classes this week and I LOVED them! But I also want to try Kickboxing classes and CrossFit classes and Spin classes! So I’m going to try and accomplish all of those classes over winter break!! And then when I get back to school I’m going to buy a class pass at the rec center and take a bunch of different types of workout classes and keep my routine going... if I ever create one!

Break will also consist of me spending A BUNCH of time with my family and friends and boyfriend so of course I’m so so excited for that!

And of course Christmas!!! I absolutely love Christmas, definitely my favorite holiday! And it’s less than one week away!!! Insane!! Christmas is one of those times where my family just really focuses on each other and we just have some of the best times!! So yes I’m excited for Christmas!

HOWEVER, I am spending a total of 4.5 weeks away from my best friends in Minnesota, sooooo we might just have to go make a trip to see the girl gang!!



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