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Elsa Takes On London!

Hi from London!!!

I still can’t really believe that I’m actually in London right now, it still feels a bit like a virtual reality. Because, hear me out, everybody speaks English and the areas are beautiful but sometimes remind me of New York so it’s messing with me, like I don’t know how to describe how I feel or where I am! Regardless, I wanted to give you guys an update!

My travel day to arrive here was awful, lots of flight cancellations and unexpected checked bags and waiting and rescheduling and stressing out and maybe some tears BUT… WE MADE IT so it’s all okay!

When I got here it was very overwhelming because it was like 10am and I needed to unpack everything and settle into my apartment. But once that was over it was very relaxing and comfortable! Otherwise, I’ve kind of just been doing my online orientations (more like napping through them) and then exploring the areas of London! I’ve been to a couple places so far and it’s incredible!!

As for meeting friends, that’s a bit more difficult to do because there have been no in person activities and class hasn’t started yet. I’ve been lucky enough to meet a few people within my apartment complex who are amazing and very fun to be around! Anndddd fortunately for me Caitlin just landed this morning, so I’ll have my best friend here in London with me!!!

That’s basically the only update I have! Lots of laying around and then lots of out and about! But next week classes start and that will be a whole other adventure!



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