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Elsa got a tattoo!

Soooo... I have a tattoo!!!! And here’s the story why!!

Mama Jen and Father Jason weren’t completely opposed to my idea when I first brought it up! I have always wanted a tattoo, but I have NEVER been able to figure out what I wanted! I believe that tattoos should be meaningful, something worth being on your body forever and since I take them so seriously it was such a struggle for me to figure out what I wanted!

Obviously I knew I wouldn’t get one anytime soon! Then I started getting older and they became more popular! It spiked my interest more but, again, I couldn’t figure anything out that was meaningful enough! My boyfriend and his twin sister both have tattoos and one day we were looking on Pinterest of tattoo ideas! I came across a tattoo saying “I am enough” and right away I knew I was getting that on my body!

I brought the idea up to my mom when I first saw it and she just kinda blew it off, respectably because it’s not like I was actually going to get one! Right? WRONG! “I am enough” stuck with me for a while! I started coming up with ideas and deeper meanings behind it and I knew I needed this on my body! After about 1-2.5 months I brought the idea back up to my parents seriously! I had the location of it figured out (hidden of course) and obviously I would pay for it myself! My mom was iffy about it because she didn’t think it was a necessary thing for me now! My dad on the other hand was all for the meaning of it as well as the placement and the fact that I would pay for it!! A couple of weeks after that my parents were going out for dinner and I asked them to seriously talk about my tattoo! They came back with a go ahead for me to go get it!! And lemme tell ya, I was too excited about it!!

Now the meaning of it!!

I have struggled with self confidence for a good chunk of my life! I always compare myself to people and put myself down in ways that I shouldn’t! Long story short, this tattoo is a daily and constant reminder for me that I am enough and God made me this way for a reason! For the short span of time I’ve had this tattoo it’s already helped me realize my worth!!

So thank you God because I am enough!!!



So she did it – she got a tattoo! And how do I feel about it? Well, I knew this day might come. She has talked about getting a tattoo since about freshman year in high school, but I thought it was a “phase” and I remember thinking we can revisit this when she is 18 and by then she will probably not even want one.

Well I was obviously wrong. This girl has been REALLY doing her research for a good year and has taken the time to figure out what she wanted this tattoo to look like and what kind of meaning she wanted it to have.

Now I am not opposed to tattoos. I myself do not have one but I can’t say I will go to my grave without ever getting one. But she is only 18 and sometimes what we think is AWESOME at 18 is not so awesome at 47. Right?! I mean what kind of not so smart decisions did you make in your early years??? (who remembers this hilarious commercial?)

I guess I just wanted her to really think about where she wanted the tattoo and what she wanted it to look like. Because she does need to get a job someday and I don’t know what companies think about this stuff anymore.

But knowing my girl, she did think about all of this stuff and convinced Jason and I that it was a good decision and truthfully we could not argue with that.

So, to sum it up, I love her tattoo. I love the meaning behind it and I’m happy it’s not on her eyelids! Post Malone what were you thinking????

And someday I might just get one myself and by then my skin will already be extra saggy!!!! LOL



Aug 13, 2019



Jean Masukevich
Aug 08, 2019

I love your tattoo beautiful Elsa! You are more than enough 💗

You keep standing in that truth and remember who you are and to whom you belong as you step deeper into the world. God has big plans for you!

Jen- you are a cooler mama than I am! I don’t know if I could say yes 😜

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