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Dollar Tree DIY for $12!

I had to do this DIY! I mean who knew you could make a decorative bowl for $12??!! I must first start by saying that I SUCK at DIY's! If you saw on Instagram what a mess I made, plus I accidentally spray painted my work out leggings and over-sprayed the black bowl with the white paint - I'm a disaster! But who cares when I can save a boat load of money and make it myself! Although now I'm never allowed in Jason's wood shop LOL!

I initially saw this DIY on TikTok and Instagram and had to try it! The tricky part was finding the right bowl because I really wanted a more shallow bowl and that was hard to find, but I'm still on a mission to find one! But I'm super happy with the way these turned out!

The bottom is a candle holder and the bowls were found in the party section at the Dollar Tree.

I just hot glued them together and then spray painted them.

I used white spray paint and then added a textured spray paint to this one. The bowls and candle holders were bought at the Dollar Tree and the spray paint was bought at Hobby Lobby.

I didn't realize how fun spray paint is and soooo EASY!!!

Let's talk about price difference. Here is a collage of decorative bowls I found online and their prices...

And the DIY bowls...

And truthfully the possibilities are endless! You could use gold spray paint, chalk paint, mix and match the top and bottom colors, use different textures, etc.

Who wants to come over for wine and craft night????!!!!!

Have a fabulous weekend friends!!!



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