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Currently we are...

Waiting. waiting. waiting. For Elsa to head off to college. Listen I am not looking forward to this day (Monday we leave and she moves in on Tuesday), however, can we tear this band aid off yet??? I feel like I am sitting in an abyss. Can't quite figure out my emotions, still have things to get, and I'm not sure how to pay her tuition yet. I'm ready to feel the feels. I don't know what those feelings are yet, but I'm ready to feel them! Ya feel me???!!!

So in the meantime though, here are some things I am doing to stay busy. Listening to know how much I love them. Here are two of my favorite ones right now...check them out! Jenna Kutcher's Goal Digger Podcast and Guy Raz's How I Built This.

I cannot get enough of this dip made with almonds! I put it on EVERYTHING! I have not checked yet, but I heard Costco sells it. It is definitely at my local Fresh Thyme store.

In love with these two pairs of shoes from Nordstrom. They will be on my feet all fall and winter for sure.

I am almost done reading, The Road Back To You. It is all about finding your enneagram number and understanding a little bit more about yourself. However, I am struggling trying to figure out my number...need to dive into this a little more. But I am pretty sure I know everyone else's number LOL.

And last but not least, I am all about LEOPARD! It is everywhere and there are SO many ways to wear it. Shoes, shirts, dresses, belts, earrings, clutches, etc. A very versatile style I think.

Wish us luck as we head into this new journey with Elsa. She is going to be missed so much but this girl is gonna FLY! And I can't wait to see!



Laying in my bed and crying because of college! Okay this isn’t completely true but it’s been my reality for the past week! Too many of my closest and bestest friends have left me this past week and it honestly sucks! And I know this is a change that has to happen, I mean cmon, change is inevitable, but I didn’t realize how badly it would hurt!

I’ve talked with my mom and dad about this change and obviously they do understand the pain of leaving everyone you seriously care about! But a point that my dad brings up always makes me feel a bit better! We have advanced technology at the tips of our fingertips every day!! When my parents were in college, they called each other once a week on a pay phone! Today, I can FaceTime, text, call, Snapchat or whatever I want to do to stay in contact with someone I care about!! So you best believe I’ll be doing those four things literally every single day!!

Although I’m super sad I’m also super stressed!! I have four days until I leave and my mom and I have this ongoing list of things we need to get done! It was a struggle for a while because I had to nanny during the day so I couldn’t exactly work on that list but now that the kids are in school my mom and I have to grind for the next four days! At least it’s a distraction from my sadness!!

Currently I am... - LOVING AND LIVING FOR AVOCADO TOAST!! Enough said. - Always craving Chipotle! - Loving my new Adidas white sneakers!! I’ve been looking for a pair of white sneakers, not like vans but not like Nike shoes, for a while!! At Nordstrom Rack I finally found the perfect pair!!

- Running!! Lemme tell ya sometimes I destroy the crap out of my run and the other times I’m dying trying to just finish my run home! But it’s a great workout and it’s made me feel awesome about myself!!

This is honestly what’s consuming my life right now, although it may not seem to be much, it definitely feels like too much to me!!


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