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Currently we are...

Currently I am…

- back to school, unfortunately. it’s been four days of the new semester and ya know I don’t know how I feel about it! I am not loving waking up early every morning, that’s a grind and definitely a waste of my morning (which I spent sleeping over break!). but, let me tell you, dropping AP Calculus was such a move, omg. I now understand what’s going on in my class and have legit no homework! why I didn’t drop down quicker, i have no idea!

- watching the office on netflix! best show, hands down! i’ve had my little bits of time when i watched grey's anatomy, and i’m still stuck on season 12, but once i started the office, grey’s went out the window! and don’t worry, i’ve already finished all the seasons of friends!! but i am definitely loving the office right now!

- EATING!!! (but then again when am I not?!) except this time, I’m eating healthier (booooooooo) one of my new years resolutions was to become a healthier version of myself (and ya know, gotta get that spring break bod)! so, I decided to really try and take action! I’ve been eating healthier breakfasts, strawberry banana smoothie!! and I’ve been killing the lunch game like killllllliiinnngggg it! and then I eat whatever healthy meal mama llam makes for dinner (so chicken)! i’m pretty proud of myself for changing some of my eating ways but of course I still gotta have my reeses and ice cream every once in a while!

- DRINKING STARBUCKS!! um yeah very berry hibiscus all day every day, and that’s all I gotta say

- styling!! i’ve been wearing some of my new clothes from christmas and really loving my outfits! whenever i get home, it’s always sweatpants and a sweatshirt because that’s my all time favorite outfit to wear, but at school i try to dress a little more unique! i’m still wearing my favorite shirts and jeans from pac sun but it’s freezing outside so I need to figure out a warmer plan for my every day outfit!

anyways, that’s what i’m currently up to! just living my life as a senior in high school who is overwhelmed, hungry, and happy!!



It appears that we are already 10 days into the new year - what??!!!  So let’s talk about what we are up to and what we are totally loving right now…

Netflix!  Ok, did you watch Bird Box yet?  Come on, do it! Also I am watching Seven Seconds and it is so good.  I am going to start watching Tidying Up with Marie Kondo - she looks adorable!

Current Starbucks drink is an almond milk latte.  There is a subtle nutty flavor to it and super low in sugar, but tastes great.

Workout routine is early morning boot camps and running a few days a week (this is only to keep up with my friends - running is dumb lol!)

I am living in my Spanx leggings, Target sweaters, and any fluffy coat I can find.  

Favorite go to restaurants right now are Region in Barrington, Cary Ale House, and Duke’s Ale House in Crystal Lake.

Favorite wine right now is Burlwood Cabernet Sauvignon from Aldi.  It is sooooo good and only like $5.00 a bottle! You have to try it!

Currently reading Tell Me More - so honest and so good.

Trying to eat more foods that are “keto friendly”.  It is helping me cut back on the bad carbs and eating less sugar.  Just made these waffles and they tasted like a peanut butter cookie!  I also make this simple “bread” and toast it up and spread mashed avocado on it.  I use a Monkfruit sweetener for most of the recipes I am making so far and it doesn’t seem to have a bad aftertaste. I am on the hunt for some good dessert recipes because I LOVE dessert so if you have any “keto” dessert recipes, PLEASE let me know :)

Speaking of dessert, the Justin’s dark chocolate peanut butter cups always satisfy my sweet tooth.

I have not been sleeping great lately, so decided to start incorporating meditation into my routine and just ordered an essential oil kit.  Started doing some research on both and found a lot of positive results so I will keep you posted on what I think. Also on the hunt for a new mattress.  Send me an email if you have a good one!

Hope your 2019 is off to a GREAT start!!!!




Awww thank you so much!!!! And Happy New Year to you too!



Happy 2019! I so enjoy your blog!

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