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Care packages with Jery Crate

Well I can't believe it is here, but we are in the process of dropping Elsa back off at college. It has been with mixed emotions for sure! I have loved having her home for the last almost 6 months, but I am so excited for her to have her college life back :)

This also means that it is time for care packages! Here's the deal, I love putting together care packages, but it can become quite time consuming and costly and this is where Jerycrate comes in to make it a little bit easier!

Jerycrate is a college care package site that lets you build the care package however you want - from yummy snacks, to first aid kits, hammocks, and more! Pick things you want and ignore things you don't. Also, as a personal touch, a personalized note is included in every care package - for free! And right now they have a promotion going on - choose 3 items for free!!

With Jerycrate you can skip the hassle of the grocery store and post office and let them send a hand packed care package for you. College students need support from their parents, and sending a care package is a fun way of doing so. Move-in, halloween, and especially finals are some of the best times to send one.

If you want to send a little support but don’t have the time to make a care package Jerycrate makes it easy to send one right from your phone.

These last few moths haven't been easy, but sending a sweet care package will brighten their day :)

~Jen & Elsa


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