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Canada Fishing

Hey guys, Jason here, I am invading the blog post today!

I’ve been doing an annual Father Son fishing trip with my Dad for 33 years.  This trip continues to be one of those trips filled with memory making fish stories and rich conversations with one of my heroes in life.

Most years Dad and I take a couple friends or family members who are adventurous enough to brave both the outdoors and our militant itinerary (gotta get as much fishing in as possible!).  This year we decided to bring Elsa and her boyfriend Bryce.  What I realized was that this trip, for me, was not about the number and size of fish we would catch but rather something deeper I wasn’t anticipating.

Looking through all the surface stuff that happens on the trip (the 14 hour car ride one way, equipment and gear prep, fish catching, shore lunches, photos, laughs and euchre at night) I witnessed my daughter as a young woman, strong, confident, fun to be around not just because she’s my child, capable of making good decisions and using good judgement.  I also realized for the first time that I didn’t need to be the sole provider of all things for Elsa, that this mature and respectful young man Bryce was providing comfort, joy and laughter and that I could let go just a little bit (kind of hard to write that!).

And about the fishing….amazing like always!  Bryce caught the biggest fish while both Bryce and Elsa caught the entire shore lunch on day 3 (beginners luck!).  At least Dad and I beat them in Euchre!



I thought I remembered everything about the infamous Canada fishing trip from the last time I went which was going into my freshmen year of high school, I was happily mistaken.

Riding the boat through Lac Seul is seriously one of the most incredible sights I have ever seen. I for sure did not remember how beautiful it was up there.

Moose crossing on our first morning

It felt surreal to be up there with the three guys I love the most (plus Bucky and Papa obviously)!

I really tried to enjoy every moment for as long as I could, whether it was watching Bryce catch a fish and not want to hold it, eating my 8 chocolate peppermint sticks after dinner, exploring the new shore lunch islands, skipping rocks, making my dad and grandpa’s sandwiches, etc.

This trip was absolutely amazing and the best part about it was that I had no desire to go on my phone whatsoever. Granted it didn’t work unless I was at the hotel but even then it would just chill on the table. Surprisingly enough, catching fish is actually very exhilarating (Kate does not believe me) and I would highly recommend it! Shore lunch was always amazing and exploring the islands with my own personal “nature guide” was equally as amazing! Honestly Canada is so so exciting and beautiful, I think most people underestimate it! If you ever get the chance, go and explore, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Oh and I wish I could give you some fashion tips but there is none on this trip because you have to dress for ANY type of weather :)



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