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California Dreamin'

On such a winter’s day!  This song is so spot on for this Midwestern girl!  Take a listen :)

If you could live anywhere, where would it be?  Ok let’s shrink it down just a bit. If you could live anywhere in the United States, where would it be?  For me the answer hands down is California! Every time I get a chance to visit, I fall in love all over again.  I’m guessing it has something to do with the fabulous weather (especially in Southern California), the ocean, the mountains, and the array of activities you can do outside - ALL YEAR LONG!

Not that long ago a gal I follow on Instagram (she lives in California) happened to be in the midwest visiting friends and it was raining and she was so excited to curl up and watch the rain because “it never rains where I live”.  Is she for real? Come on “instagram” friend you must be crazy because I would give you about two more days of “cuddling” up on the coach, trying to figure out why all of sudden you are depressed and unmotivated and within seconds you would be sprinting back to California!

I know we can talk about the change of seasons, blah, blah, blah, but the best seasons are so short lived here and darn it I want sunshine!  I can’t be the only midwesterner who feels this way.

One of my favorite spots in California is Newport Beach.  Jason and I just got back a few days ago and California stole my heart once again.  We usually stay at the Hyatt Newport Beach and we are only minutes from Balboa Island.  Such a darling little area to walk around, eat and shop. We usually hit Laguna Beach as well and just take in the ocean view and the sunset.  

This year we ventured out and went to Thousand Steps Beach (it actually only has 223 steps).

One of our favorite restaurants is Sol Cocina.  The tacos are amazing and can I please get another cucumber jalapeno margarita???

As I get ready for another winter here in the midwest, I will be California Dreamin’ until next time :)

Oh and in case you didn’t see this on our Instagram feed, this sign at one of the restaurants really said it all...



Nana and Papa are absolutely amazing, I was very thankful they were able to come down and spend a couple of days with my sisters and I when my parents were gone! Considering my Nana and Papa live in Minnesota, about 6 hours away, I always try and appreciate all the time I have with them. This time I think I did a pretty decent job with that!

Kate, Emily, and I had such a great time with them over these past four days; from going to our favorite pizza place, to teaching Nana and Papa slang, to watching football together, it was all awesome!

The first day they arrived, it was Wednesday, so we didn’t really have much planned except for sports and homework the rest of the night. Instead of making Mom’s (dreaded) Home Chef (love you mom ;)) Nana made some yummy chicken tacos. We all dug into the tacos real quick, but we all noticed a slight problem, Nan got the corn tortillas instead of flour. Papa reacted like he just ate Bucky’s dog poop that was sitting on top of a pile of garbage, it was hilarious. Aside from that little mishap, our Wednesday was pretty chill!

On Thursday, we taught some new words to Nana and Papa and chowed at Nick’s Pizza. Kate and I get home from school (Emily gets home before us) and we start doing our homework! At some point in Kate and I’s conversation , the word “rock” comes up (you’re a rock=you’re stupid). Nana and Papa were appalled by this term, so obviously, Kate and I explained. They tried defending a rock and stating that “it takes up space, and never talks back”, but they eventually agreed to disagree with our definition. After a soccer practice and finished homework, we went to Nick’s Pizza, a tradition when Nana and Papa come to visit!

Friday was a very chill and fun day! Cait and I met up with Nana and Papa at Portillos during our lunch period, lemme tell ya, I was for sure thriving! Then later that night, Nana and Papa let all of us girls do whatever we had planned with some of our friends! (Kate and I went to the football game- go CG!)

On Saturday, Papa got us donuts, so yeah, that was a great start to the day! Kate and I ended up doing homework all Saturday morning but Emily didn’t have any. Nana and Papa were astonished that we had so much to do! I had a soccer game on Saturday and I knew everyone on my team was excited because they all met Papa at a tournament a year or two earlier in Minnesota. Obviously, everyone loved him then and they loved him even more now! (I mean how could you not? It’s Papa!!)

Freezing their butts off at the lake front downtown for a soccer game!

Now, we’re here! Mom was home all day on Sunday, so everyone just chilled and soaked up the time we had together!

Forever grateful that I get to make amazing memories with my Nana and Papa!



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