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Budget friendly workout clothes that ROCK

Ok friends I know I have my lululemon lovers out there and like you I love their workout clothes as well, however, I need to put food on the table you know what I'm sayin?! LOL

I have made it my mission to find quality workout clothes that will not break the bank and allow me to buy a few more items to add to my wardrobe. Because I pretty much live in my workout clothes, I want them to be affordable and adorable :) And I think I have found them and I love them!

First up, Old Navy! Yep, they have definitely stepped up their game in the area of activewear. I am very picky about my leggings. I prefer them to be tight and high waisted. And these high waisted, built-in sculpt compression leggings are perfect! And I love the plum and dark ivy colors that I bought.



Next up is Fabletics. Now with Fabletics you can purchase their items without being a member, however you get a bigger discount if you are a member and you can cancel at anytime. Again I love their leggings because the ones I get are high waisted and a tight compression. I paired these red ones with my favorite workout top from Old Navy - bought this green one and this one with gold in it :)


Lastly, Target! Obviously :) Over the years I have purchased a lot of activewear from Target and they too continue to step up their game with new styles and great quality. Loving this snakeskin look.

As we begin to say goodbye to 2020, let's do it in style and strong muscles!


Wanted to end this blog post with a random find that has nothing to do with activewear, however it will make any outfit look great - press on nails!!!! If you have been following us on Instagram, I just did a quick tutorial on my absolute favorite press on nails that actually work! You can find it in our highlights on our Instagram page. In the meantime they are having a buy two, get one free on their website - check it out HERE.

Have a great weekend friends!!!



Dec 14, 2020

Thank you girl!!!! You are the sweetest! And thank you for following along!! So appreciate it!!!! Miss you!


Amy Bradford
Amy Bradford
Dec 10, 2020

Love all the clothing and gift ideas ladies! I bought some things on your recommendations =)

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