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Back to School this week

Unfortunately, I start school in two days… two. It’s my senior year and I am really not prepared to leave home yet. Also, I really can’t believe I’m already a senior, it doesn’t seem right. Honestly, I feel like I should be going back into freshmen year based on how unprepared I am for this year of school.

Usually around this time of year I’m ready to get back into the swing of things and start up my routine again for school, but not this summer. Right now I feel like I should be packing a bag for the lake house not packing my backpack for 7 hours of school. I’m not prepared to go back to Cary Grove and would much rather wake up on my own time and watch The Office until 11am.

I’m giving you a list of things I have to try and help me get back into school but honestly they’re making me feel like it should be the start of summer. There’s a tweet I read that said “every year a senior will tell you that high school goes by faster than you think and you never get how right they are until you’re a senior”. So basically, good luck to all you underclassmen, it’s gonna stink realizing how little time you have left.

My Short and Bittersweet Back to School List: - new yellow stickers for my Hydroflask

- my new Fjallraven Kanken backpack

- new clothes

Jeans from Target (love the side zipper), my favorite Vans, and my yellow tube top.



I cannot believe these kids are going to back to school! As much as I look forward to a more consistent routine, I am going to miss my Starbuck's walks with them and going to the lake just for fun. And the fact that I have a senior this year has me in a little bit of a panic - I am no dummy, this year is going to fly, but I promise you I will be cherishing every single moment. I wonder if they would let me volunteer in my kid's classroom at the high school :)

I have a few things to get me ready for this school year as well...

This journal has been a life saver for me! It truly only takes 5 minutes and it helps put things into perspective as I start my day and end my day. There is beauty in what is, what was and what is yet to come. Highly recommend grabbing one.

So I listened to a podcast this summer about the mom who started this company called Supergoop! (check it out here) and we should be wearing sunscreen all day everyday (you probably already know that), but this company has made some awesome products to make it easy to do just that and it does not feel like you are wearing sunscreen! This setting mist is amazing!

My niece (who is an amazing hair stylist) recommended this product to help keep my hair straight this summer while battling the humidity. It felt like a keratin treatment without the price tag. It is activated by heat so if you are like me and cannot live without your straightener, this product is for you. And it really works!

Last but not least, let's step into this season with courage friends! And Jessica is here to help. Just a few quotes from her book..."Courage is being scared to death but saddling up anyway." "So, while comfort may beckon us, choosing courage will always be the route to impact."

Let's do this!


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20 Ağu 2018

We try :)


13 Ağu 2018

so cute. Very entertaining you Larry gals!

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