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Back to school shopping that's fun!

Sooooo back to school! Except, this time, it’s a different kind of back to school!!

Am I mentally prepared for college? No Am I physically prepared for college? Maybe Am I trying to get all of my dorm stuff/school supplies stuff while I’m stressed out? Yes!

Here’s the thing, I am SUPER excited to be remodeling a room with the best roommate seriously EVER!! I remodeled the room I have now when I was in middle school, you can only imagine how it looks right now, especially to a graduated senior! So I told myself I will wait till I decorate my dorm room to really go all out and make my room super cute! Thankfully, I have an amazing roommate who is JUST. LIKE. ME!! And wants to make our room super cute too! I am grateful I have my roommate, her mom, and my mom to help me through this dorm stuff because we all have the same idea/vision!

We decided on a color theme of light pink/ivory!! We matched bedding and have figured out, early on, what we want to do with our wall space!! I’m very excited about all the dorm room stuff we have figured out or purchased already because I’m finally decorating a room how I want (I mean after my middle school years!).

I am still a bit stressed for my dorm room because I feel like I am leaving bits and pieces out, supplies that I’ll need but keep forgetting about! That’s definitely a big stressor for me considering my mom and dad will be 5 hours away, not a 5 second walk from my bed to their room!! Other than that, dorm shopping is going pretty well and it is finally all coming together!

Noooow school supplies! Yes I have none of those!! Except the backpack!! I knew I needed a good, solid backpack because I wasn’t planning on getting a new one any time throughout my years in college! I’ve never had a North Face but after the last couple of years of popularity I think this backpack is perfect for me! I mean I can always ship it back home so my mama can use her magic soap stick on it to clean!!

Otherwise, I just plan on using my every day essentials!! My hydro flask! A new planner! Things girls need/use in college!! Something that is definitely going to get the most use is my phone because I am not ready to leave all of my amazing people at home!



I cannot believe it is already that time for school shopping and man if you don't do it early, everything is gone! But this time around it has been extra fun because we get to pick out dorm stuff! And let me tell you there is so much CUTE stuff out there for dorm rooms! And right now, Target is having a MAJOR $40 when you spend $100 using code COLLEGE! Elsa and I have had to hold back otherwise we would need to take a semi truck to college to get all of her stuff there :)

It has been such a joy to watch Elsa get her creative juices flowing and she is correct...her roommate is EXACTLY like her and they are having a blast planning their room together. I can't wait to see how it turns out.

And don't worry I have not forgot about my other two with their school shopping supplies...Amazon has the coolest pencil pouch I have ever seen (thinking about picking up one for myself for my make up)'s the little things in life right?! And my girls LOVE their flair pens and plastic Birkenstocks...I mean I would wear mine in the snow if I could!

Summer is flying by, but hoping you are all enjoying these last few weeks!



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