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Arizona Trip + Exciting News!

Spring Break 2021! So much better than Spring Break 2020 LOL! We were all looking forward to this trip and it did not disappoint. We stayed in Goodyear, Arizona, just west of Phoenix at my girlfriend's parents house. This is such a perfect location for LOTS of hiking. Goodyear is about 30 minutes away from both Phoenix and Scottsdale and about 2 hours away from Sedona. (Make sure to read until the end to see Kate's video and hear about our exciting news!)

Sedona - WOW! Lots of amazing places to hike and the views are breathtaking. We hiked to Devil's Bridge and yes we went on the bridge (except Kate and Jason were too scared lol). It actually looks more scary from where Kate and Jason were taking pictures than being on the actual bridge.

I love this shot, but ignore the random dude in it LOL!

We also stopped at Sedona Airport Scenic Lookout - gorgeous!

The next day we hiked Mormon's Loop to Fat Man's Pass - let's just say I wouldn't eat before going through this.

I feel like I became a rock climber after hiking Camelback! This definitely kicked my butt, but so worth it!

And on our last day we hiked Pinnacle Peak - this was so fun because the houses around this mountain are AMAZING! It's a great hike, but hard to stay focused on the trail when looking at the mansions :)

Check out Kate's video - love when she makes these...

Such an amazing family vacation - can't wait to go back! And speaking of going back...we bought a HOUSE in Arizona!!! Woohoo! We are beyond excited! We close the end of April and then it's go time -we have LOTS to do because we are putting it on VRBO to rent- here are a few pictures :) Will definitely share more as we get it ready.

Thanks so much for reading friends!



Okay so… AZ!!!

I’m not going to tell you everything we did because I know my mom already did that! :) But I will say, Arizona for sure exceeded my expectations for a family vacay!

I haven’t been to AZ in a while, honestly, I don’t even know the last time I was there! But I do know that the state is filled with sunshine, pools and mountains to hike so I was like “count me in!!”

HOweevvvvveeerrrr, I had to do school there! Kate and Em’s spring break was the week before mine so since I’m all online, my parents asked if it’d be okay if i worked through school in AZ! Obviously I said yes, at least I would be doing school in the sunshine and warm weather! I really didn’t think it would be that bad buuutttt for the first couple of days I was a stressed mama! I think it was just me wanting to catch up on things due later in the week so I could enjoy AZ, but it’s hard to bask in the sunshine knowing you have an assignment due at midnight, ya know what I mean? After the first like 2 days though schoolwork had settled down and I was feeling much more relaxed!

Arizona definitely surprised me in the amount of fun I had! It was for sure a relaxing vacation, laying out by the pool and in the sun whenever we wanted to, but it was so so nice because there were so many things to do if we got bored! There were shopping malls, restaurants, mountains to hike, TopGolf, basically everything! I really loved it because it felt like we were relaxing but also being productive? I guess you could say!

And of course of course of course the hiking was insane! Ever since the Utah vacation last summer, I have loved the idea of hiking and AZ provided many opportunities! Again, I’m sure mom told you all of the hikes we did but I LOVED LOVED LOVED Camelback! It was definitely because it was more rock climbing then walking uphill- super adventurous, 10/10 would do it again!

So yes I would 110% recommend vacationing to Arizona if you’re the type of person or family who can’t sit still for thaaattt long! It was the perfect getaway (just make sure you don’t have any school to do when you go!)!



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