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Amazon Best Sellers

This was FUN! And not only did I have a few of these "best sellers" from Amazon, I also ordered some LOL! I wanted to see what kind of things ended up on Amazon's best sellers list and let's just say there were a few interesting items (I literally could not look at them all or I would have been on my computer for DAYS!) And here's the crazy part, Amazon's Best Sellers are the most popular products based on sales and are updated every HOUR! That blew my mind!

Ok let's get to my most favorite products (or at least at the time I wrote this blog!)

Just ordered this book - it's all the small habits that add up to change (or so they say :)).

Elsa loves her Carhartt hat.

Poo Pourri on the go - I need this in my purse for that awkward Target bathroom run - just being real.

My girls are OBSESSED with keeping their shoes looking like new and it appears this shoe cleaning kit is a best seller.


Ok yes I ordered another pair of leggings - will let you know what I think of them since they are a best seller.

IF I was a snow bunny I would definitely order this snowsuit!

Shackets are very in right now and I love this one with pockets.

I have always thought about getting a wake up light thingy - especially during these loooong winters.

Boot warmers??? Obviously!


Have this jogger set and LOVE it!

They advertise this under baby items, but it is a sound machine and time-to-rise machine - adults need this!

I keep saying I am going to order spikes for my running shoes because I am so afraid I am going to slip on ice in the winter - people swear by them!

Who knew there was such a thing as a DIY tooth gem kit???!!!!


Hope you enjoyed seeing some of Amazon's Best Sellers - I found this somewhat fascinating and will bring more of these to the blog in the future :)

Have a fabulous day and thanks for reading!!!!



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