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All Fall Without the Pumpkin Spice

OK can we just relax now with the pumpkin spice? Seriously! It is OUT OF CONTROL! Don't get me wrong, I love me some pumpkin cake with cream cheese frosting, but there is pumpkin spice EVERYWHERE!

Take a look at this picture I found with just a few things with pumpkin spice in it! And this doesn't even include the infamous Starbucks PSL. Can't we change it up a bit this fall? Maybe something like dark chocolate and caramel? Or chocolate and peanut butter?

I understand that this spice gets everyone in the mood for fall and I really like fall, but it almost gives me a stomachache thinking about it. So with that said, we put together our favorite finds for fall so far and sorry, there is nothing with pumpkin spice in it!

~I want this skirt! Love the color.

~I am in love with this simple black dress that I paired with the snakeskin belt. (btw thank you all who voted for this belt on Instagram)

~How cute are these green pants? All shades of green are in for this fall.

~And of course anything leopard!

Click on any image to be taken to their website.

Let's talk home decor. Pink, pink, pink is in for fall. Give me pink pumpkins all day long! An easy way to bring the current season into your decor is to change your pillows. These pillow covers from Amazon are perfect.



FALL!!! I really don’t know what my favorite season is but fall is always up there on the list!!

I feel like the stereotypical sign for fall starting is when the pumpkin spice latte arrives at Starbucks! Funny enough, I’ve never had it! I really didn’t think it was that big of a deal until my roommate Caitlin flipped out because I’ve never tried it before! I mean I really don’t see what the big deal is, but apparently it is also delicious! So yeah, I think it’s safe to say I am qualified to talk about fall without the experience of drinking a pumpkin spice latte!

My favorite things about fall are listed below: - sweatshirts and sweatpants (this is a STAPLE in my life, I wear these clothes even in the summer, I couldn’t live without them!)


- the little oven cookies that only take 11 minutes to bake and have pumpkins and like ghosts on them…the best

- football (okay cmon, football is on every single persons “fall favorites” list but like yeah it’s a necessity)

- SWEATERS (I really love sweaters but currently all of mine are in my mother’s closet 5 hours away!! I’m not mad about it because that just means I need to go to Mall of America and get some new ones!)

- jeans!! (okay I LOVE jeans! I obviously love comfy leggings too but I would much rather pick jeans to complete a fall outfit rather than leggings!)

- THANKSGIVING!!! (I LOVE THANKSGIVING!!! My family and I always drive to Minnesota for Thanksgiving to visit all of my mama’s family here!! Buuuuutttttttt NOW I LIVE HERE SO I CAN SEE THEM WHENEVER (like literally Nana if you’re reading this, want to grab a late lunch this Friday?) But yes Thanksgiving is literally my favorite part of fall because it’s family among family among family time and at this current moment, I am in need of that!

Soooooo fall! Yeah I love fall!! I don’t know if it’s my favorite season but ugh there are so many amazing parts to it that it’s hard not to love!!

As for me in college, well ya know I’m surviving! I miss my family and Bryce and my friends SO much!! But my classes aren’t too bad (KNOCK ON WOOD) and I’m just trying to figure out my routine and schedule! It’s a bit of a struggle living on my own and literally even knowing what to eat but it’s okay, we’re making it through!!


2 commentaires

05 sept. 2019

Too funny :)


Amy Bradford
Amy Bradford
05 sept. 2019

Elsa, those sugar cookies are my favorite too!

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