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A Day in Pictures

Let the day begin...

Couple of minutes to myself :)

Walk with my buddy...

Went to the mall with Elsa...obviously! And I'm drooling over these shoes!!!! That clear block heel though!

Quick stop at Urban Outfitters...

Lunch :)

Trader Joe's errand...

Always coffee...

Mom life...

Afternoon snack LOL...I'm not lying. Elsa made this homemade chocolate cake that tastes just like Portillo's!!!

Ended the night watching our high school boys basketball team win their first sectional basketball game! It was a great game - double overtime!

Was in bed by 9:30pm and forgot to take a picture LOL!



Hello, let’s start when I wake up! Ya know during school I usually wake up from 6-7am and get my day started early! At home? I have averaged a 10am wakeup almost every day! Today was no different! I set my alarm for 8 to run before mama and I ran errands… yeah I slept through that! Oh well!

OBVIOUSLY need to start my day with a Dunkin! This picture was me getting my daily Dunkin while mama and I headed to the mall! I have gotten Dunkin since being home and I am not mad about it at all! And I will continue to keep this streak moving and growing over my next, extra 3 weeks of being home! Gotta take advantage of it while I can!

This is mama and I arriving at Woodfield mall! This picture was also taken in the shoe department of Nordstrom because mama llam and I found 3 pairs of shoes each that we wanna splurge on now :\ !!!

Successful shopping trip? I think yes!! We went to Woodfield to spend the rest of my PacSun gift card and find myself a shirt for the concert I'm going to tonight! And we achieved both of our goals!!

Of course I need to give my pupper snuggles!!! Gotta do it when I'm still home!!

Kate and I adventured to the Chelsea Cutler concert at the Riviera Theatre in Chicago and WOW!!!!!! I mean I loved the Post Malone concert but this concert was amazing, I seriously had the most amazing time with Kate! And I absolutely love the performer! Best night ever!! I’m already having withdrawals!

Waking up late and going to bed late! Although I’m averaging a 10am wakeup, I’m also averaging a 12-1am bedtime!! This is the time I went to bed after an amazing concert! And I think that’s just the best way to end your night!

However I did have to wake up at 7am the next morning to babysit! It was worth it though!!



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