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8 fun things to do at home besides watch Netflix

Okay, let’s admit, we’ve all been praying and hoping this corona virus and quarantine and social distancing can end! Why wouldn’t we be? Buuutttttt in the meantime mama llam and I got some fun, easy activities for you to do at home! You don’t even have to leave your house for supplies!!!

So, first up- Kahoot!

One night last week Kate created a 15 question Kahoot about who knows her best! If you don’t know what Kahoot is, it’s a website that allows you to create games and study guides- mainly used by teachers in the classroom! Since then each member of the family has been creating a Kahoot about themselves every night! I highly recommend, I mean you seriously do learn something new every day, even if it’s about your family!

Second- Surprise dinners!

Last week our family decided that kate, emily, and I would make dinner for my parents!! Everyone got all cute and dressed up a little bit just so we could all get out of sweats for a change! I had been craving breakfast for dinner and it was easy enough for kate and emily and I to make so we whipped up some waffles and a solid sized fruit bowl and there you have it! Surprise dinners are definitely a fun way to mix up your quarantine schedule, like cmon it’s a frickin surprise! And then you can keep switching it up! Switch up who cooks the dinner, what the meal will be, it’s perfect!

Third- Theme Week

Since it’s Kate’s birthday week this week, our family also decided to do a theme week! Like a homecoming week except at the end their isn’t a football game and a dance, it’s just Kate’s birthday! So for every night for dinner our family has to dress the theme! The themes were/are (the week is still going!) all navy, celebrity look a like, minnesota, sports uniform, USA and Neon! And to end it all we are dressing very very formal for kates birthday dinner on Sunday- like prom dresses and everything! What the birthday girl wants, she gets!

Celebrity theme :)

Theme week has definitely been a highlight of this quarantine just to see what my family has come up with! I’ve also seen themes where people dress up as one of their family members and I think that would be hilarious too- like cmon 5 Elsas come downstairs, who wouldn’t love that?

And last but not least we have- TikTok

Of course mom wanted one of us to talk about this because of our new TikTok Tuesday’s on Instagram!! Anyway, our fam has been doing tik toks left and right during this quarantine time! But how could you not? It’s something fun and, relatively, easy to do while you’re just chilling inside! We’ve had a lot of fun with tik tok Tuesday’s and if you’re looking for something to pass the time, just look up a complicated tik tok dance and try to learn it!! I mean none of my family grew up to be dancers so we do the best with what we got but in reality it’s not that much!

I’m hoping and praying everyone is staying safe during this scary and crazy time!! If you get bored just focus your mind on a tik tok or think about all the questions you could confuse your family with on a Kahoot!!



It’s hard to believe another week has gone by and although it has been a very weird transition, we have settled into somewhat of a routine.

And even though we have done what a lot of people have done, from binging on Netflix, cleaning out closets, to painting every wall we can find, we have also come up with a few other ideas that you can do at home without running to the store.

Baking – now I know a lot of you have probably done a lot of baking, but I found two recipes that were delicious and I had everything at home.

Easter cupcakes – these were AMAZING and I already had some Easter candy so I didn’t

have to run to the store to find decorations. Click here for the recipe.

The best homemade bread recipe that does not require a bread machine (do people still have these????) – we make a loaf of this almost every week (and you can dress it up by adding garlic, cheese, nuts, seeds, etc.) Click here for the recipe.

Homemade disinfecting wipes – as we all know these are hard to come by so it’s time to DIY it! So easy and I just used an empty container. Just roll up some paper towels and cut them to the size of your container. Pour a mixture of 1 cup of water with 1/2 tablespoon of bleach into the container with the paper towels and voila! You can add more mixture if you have a bigger container.

Last but not least, pull out the home videos!!!! We have been getting a kick out of watching home videos - lots of laughter!

Hope you are all staying safe and healthy! Sending lots of hugs!!! xo



Apr 14, 2020

Thanks Courtenay!!!!


Courtenay Sterzik
Courtenay Sterzik
Apr 10, 2020

These are such fun ideas, Jen! Especially love the Kahoot night!

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