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5 Mindfulness Apps that Jason & I tried - which one is the best?

I have welcomed in 2021 with a great big HUG and a whole lot of HOPE! And along with that a little couples challenge that Jason and I posted on IG and Facebook at the beginning of January.

We wanted to try something a little different. Our challenge was to do something active together as well as spend a few minutes doing a mindfulness activity (mostly meditation) every day - something Jason and I both desperately need!

Research shows that mindfulness can help to reduce stress, focus better, boosts working memory, relationship satisfaction, and the list goes on.

As you can imagine, there are LOTS of apps that teach mindfulness and meditation.

We narrowed it down to 5 and found a few really, really good ones that we have continued to use and plan on using well into 2021.

Here's the breakdown...

IngsightTimer is an amazing app and it's FREE! There are so many different categories such as sleep, gratitude, etc. And there is even LIVE instructors! I love this one the best because of all the variety it offers and it is FREE! Did I mention that it is FREE??!!

My next favorite would have to be Smiling Mind. This is another FREE app that offers so many different meditations - even ones for parents, educators, teens and kids. Some of them are specific meditations, where others involve a lesson or activity.

Headspace is an app I found last year after listening to a podcast with the founder, Andy Puddicombe. His story is fascinating! Highly recommend listening to this podcast. Although Headspace costs money, there are basic meditations that are free and a great place to get started.

We also tried Mindfulness and Simple Habit. Both apps offer a few free meditations to get you started, but you have to pay for a subscription in order to get a variety of different meditations.

There is so much research out there on the benefits of mindfulness and I plan on making this one of my daily goals for 2021. I have found so far that I am craving this time to just sit for a few minutes and breathe - it's amazing how this little act can make such a huge difference in my approach to the day.

Thanks for reading and have a fabulous day!!!!



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