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4 ways to style a Shacket

Shacket - ok it's not actually in the dictionary, but in the fashion world it is a cross between a shirt and a jacket and let's just say they are a very popular item right now.

I have tried a few and this one from Amazon is by far my favorite. It has the perfect color combination and therefore is quite versatile. Let's start with the casual look...

Just add a sweatshirt and some faux leather leggings and voila. Oh and my new combat boots from Target!

Now for a little more edgy look I added a vintage tee.

Now let's dress it up a bit - btw I love this dress from Target!

Ok going back to a more casual look and adding a fun little fanny pack to the outfit :)

You cannot go wrong with a Shacket - so many fun ways to wear it! Thanks for reading!!!


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Kelly Cleary
Kelly Cleary
21 janv. 2021


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