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24 hours in New York City

Before I begin, make sure you check out Kate's video at the end of this post :)

It is amazing what you can do when you only have about 24 hours and when you are in the heart of Manhattan.  We knew this was going to be a quick trip and we made the most of it.  

First stop, PIZZA!  We made it to New York City on Monday night and found a great pizza place right by our hotel called Naples 45.  In my opinion you cannot go wrong with pizza in this city. Then Kate found a great place to grab a cookie which just happened to be by Times Square.  It is amazing how you can just stumble upon things without even planning it. I love that about traveling.

The next day we got up and did a quick workout because we knew we were going to eat our way through this city.  Then it was time to strap on our walking shoes and head out to explore.

We headed to Central Park and although we were there for awhile, we only saw a small portion of it - it is so big!  We decided to walk, but I would recommend renting a bike if you want to see more of the park.

Then it was time to grab some lunch and do some shopping on 5th Ave.  Kate was set on eating a salad at Sweet Green and of course by the time we got there it was lunch time and we stood in line for 30 minutes, but it was worth it.  One of the best salads I think I have ever had.

And then we kept walking and walking and walking.  The shops on 5th Ave are so beautiful and big, especially the three story Louis Vuitton :).

Now it was time to find the Doughnut Plant. Well we ended up walking around in circles until someone finally told us it was in the Grand Central Terminal – you guys this terminal is so beautiful and it is the transportation hub in midtown Manhattan.

At this point we decided to take a break at the hotel and wait for Jason to get done with his meetings. But wait, we had one more stop to make. Kate wanted a freeze from Pressed Juicery and we originally thought it was only around the block, which it was, but this location did not make the “ice cream” which is what Kate wanted so we found another one – a mile away – now remember we had already walked approximately 8 miles and now we were going to walk 2 more miles – but when Kate and I are on a mission, watch out!

Once Jason found out we were on another walking adventure, he decided to find our dinner place. Thankfully it was only 2 blocks from the hotel. It was called UrbanSpace – a food hall with a variety of different food and drinks (we loved the atmosphere and the food was delicious) – and I may or may not have gotten pizza again.

We decided not to see the Empire State Building or the Statue of Liberty only because it would have taken up so much of our day, but we definitely could have fit in a show if we had any energy left.

This was such a fun trip to take with Kate and we can’t wait to go back! It truly is the city that never sleeps ;)



OMG YOU WOULD NOT BELEIVE..... who do you think is writing right now? I don’t even need to tell you guys hahah

Anyway I went to New York for basically 24 hours with my parents and let me tell you it was a blast I don’t even know where to begin! Jen probably already told you everywhere we went so I’m just here to say hi but my favorite place to go was def sweet green!! Hands down best salad I have ever had! That was for food but for actual New York def Central Park! It was gorgeous there and I would recommend taking a bike to see a lot more of Central Park then just walking around for a little! Well that was about it I hope you guys enjoyed this post❤️

Hey check out this video I made about our trip.

~Your fav, Kate


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