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While in quarantine...

I honestly couldn’t even tell you what I do! At this point, my days are thrown together by eating, doing my homework/sitting in on classes, working out and trying to find something to do to take up time! Am I going mentally insane? Not yet, but I definitely miss my girlies up in MN and need to bond with people other than my family!

Other than homework, I think the one other thing taking up the most time during quarantine (other than eating) is redecorating me a room! When I came back home with kate from Minnesota (before we knew I’d be online all semester) I freaked out, I had all my stuff and no place/no room to put it in. I was living out of emily’s room and for sure needed my own space, especially if I was going to start doing schoolwork! So we started to turn the extra bedroom into my room! Dad and I picked out the perfect color, helium, and painted it within 2 days! We already got myself a bigger bed so I don’t have to be sleeping on an uncomfortable twin, and we already ordered some furniture!! It’s coming together perfectly and I absolutely love it! Besides it definitely gives mom and I a little project while in quarantine!

Unfortunately, this project is moving pretty fast, so here are some other things I’ve been doing to pass the time stuck at home:

• watch YouTube videos for inspiration on how to decorate my room and how to stay healthy and fit while staying home

• watch some Netflix shows!! some really good ones are YOU, QB1, All-American, Shameless, Girls Incarcerated, Marching Orders, Cheer, the list goes on! (Also I know that’s a weird list but trust me all of those shows are amazing and worth the watch!!!)

• take walks! they help me get away and take a break from being cooped up at home and doing class work

• working out! I know I already mentioned this previously but it seriously helps take some time out of your day if you have nothing to do!

• I like to go and drive thru some coffee places! Keep the local businesses in business and keep me energized!

• baking (sort of)!! I baked some cookies from my really good friend’s healthy eating instagram account (eatin.with.emma. !!!!!)

• wishing I could see my best friends at school :( missing my roomie and my girls more and more every day!

Quarantine has been a blessing and yet a “curse” per say by canceling practically my second semester of college! I’ve loved every minute of being home but definitely am missing my girls and the U! Fortunately, dad and I decided we’re gonna move me out before minnesota is on lock down by Friday at 6pm! So when you’ll be reading this, we’ll be on the road! Happy quarantine!



Man have things completely changed in only a week!!!!! I feel like I am on a roller coaster - one minute I feel at peace and then the next minute my anxiety starts to kick in. I will say that the more I go on walks, pray, write in my gratitude journal, spend time with the family, the more at peace I feel. I try not to watch too much TV as that just feeds into my anxiety. I know so many of us are trying to find the silver lining in the midst of this craziness.

So while in quarantine, here are a few things I have been doing...

~ORGANIZING!!!! Truthfully I have hired my organizing queen, Emily to tackle the endless closets and drawers that are a complete mess. Here are a few before and after pictures of her amazing skills.

~READING - I love to read and just started this book, Little Fires Everywhere. It is now a show on Hulu starring Reese Witherspoon.

~COOKING - we have been cooking A LOT around here and I am so grateful for our Homechef meals and our Purple Carrot meals - Amazing!!!! Shoot me a text or send me an email if you would like some free meals!!!!

~MOVIES - we have been watching our share of movies and here is a list of our favorites. Loved watching the Jumaji movies with Emily this week. Last night we all watched The Good Liar - OMG! And for a good laugh I highly recommend Life of the Party! Bombshell was so interesting and the Biggest Little Farm is a must! They are all so good!!!!!

~Last but not least NETFLIX shows...these are the ones I have seen and highly recommend...

And I can't wait to start watching Tiger King! I heard this was crazy!!!!

Stay healthy friends!!! xo



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