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What a week + the best faux leather joggers

What a week it has been! It started with an amazing weekend with family and Elsa coming home! We spent Saturday celebrating Kate qualifying for state in doubles tennis!

Then we celebrated my birthday and of course that included A LOT of great food and donuts!!!! We also went to a new breakfast place called Syrup and let me tell you the waffle flight was the BOMB!!!!

And it was so great to see Elsa - she's doing great in Minnesota (despite the snow!)

Then Emily and I got up at 3:30am on Monday morning to drive to Lutheran General for her ACL surgery. Phew that was early! But this girl was a total rock star! Unfortunately her ACL was fully torn and her meniscus had to be repaired as well, so it will be a long recovery ahead. However, I have been amazed at her pain tolerance - these last few days she has been a champ - she has not complained once! Totally amazing and I have no doubt that she is going to come back stronger than ever!

Ok onto shopping LOL. I had a few items come in this week from Target and since I am at home nursing Emily (not really), I thought I would share these AMAZING faux leather joggers! I am in love with this new trend and these ones from Target do not disappoint. My only suggestion is to go down a size or maybe even two sizes.

This burgundy color is probably my favorite and both pairs look better in person than on their website. And I could not resist the Janet Jackson tee! BTW one of the best concerts I have ever seen!

Also paired it with this fun flannel from Amazon.

You can dress them up or down.

And then one of my favorite looks is with this new cut out top from Amazon - woohoo!

It's been a whirlwind of a week, but could not be more grateful for all of the love from so many people! Thank you all for praying for Emily! xo



Woohoo I’m back with another fun update on the events happening in my life!! This past weekend I went home!!! and here’s how it went:

first of all I just want to mention how I didn’t even think about coming home until my parents brought it up because the opportunity presented itself for my grandparents to drive me home! all I have to say is that is called growth and happiness! yes, I miss my family like crazy and yes they were amazing during quarantine but this is my happy place and these are my people!

I spent a night with my grandparents the night before we drove to illinois and it was so very needed. I missed them and spending time with them and it was so good to just get away from the apartment and school for a little bit!

then my weekend at home was filled with tennis and lots of sweet treats (thank you mama llama!) was i mad about this? no, absolutely not! but I definitely thought I was going to have a looottttt more time to do things I wanted to do at home! instead I sat in the cold for I don’t know how many hours watching kate kick some ass in tennis!

I also ate a lot of really really good food! specifically dough nuggets, pizza, ice cream, cake, another cake, donuts, crepes, wow writing these out really makes me concerned for my health but don’t worry I’m back on the grind at school! if you’ve been with my mom and I for a while you know how much I really enjoy these foods, so yeah I had a great weekend!

although not planned, I was very thankful to be able to come home and celebrate my mom, spend time with emily and watch kate play tennis for a weekend! also very grateful for some wonderful quality time with my sweet grandparents!! such a good weekend, yet very stressful to come back to a couple piles of homework, which I am, yes, working on now! :)



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