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We think regrets are OK...

Although I wish I had no regrets in my life and my decisions (so far) it’s simply impossible. there are times when I don’t regret the decision in the moment but when I look back on it, I realize it definitely wasn’t my best idea.

As I’ve been reflecting on my regrets in life and some decisions that I am incredibly happy about, I have realized that I regret more of what I say rather than what I do. Now, some believe actions speak louder than words, but man oh man sometimes I hate my words. Over the past couple of years, I have regretted a lot of comments I’ve made or questions I have asked many people that I am close to. I know I have hurt my family, Bryce, and my friends with some of the words I say and it’s hard to think about the fact that a tough/difficult situation could have been avoided if it wasn’t for my words.

Fortunately, I have the most loving and compassionate friends, family, and boyfriend and have been forgiven multiple times for the ugly things I have said. Now, that saying, multiple of my peers have stated mean and rude comments as well that they have regretted, but obviously I have forgiven them.

As for actions, there aren’t many that I have regretted. some of the actions I have regretted have come with the words I have said or the comments I have made. I believe I haven’t regretted a lot of my actions yet because I haven’t grown up enough yet to really reflect on the decisions I have made in high school. I mean I can tell you right now, I regret wearing knee high jean shorts with my hair in a pony tail and a thick-ass headband covering up my forehead to the first day of sixth grade, but I mean cmon, we all have our days like that!

Sometimes I regret not trying a new sport like tennis or volleyball. Or even sticking with gymnastics because I think it’s the coolest thing ever and you end up ripped with a six pack. Lately I have been wondering why my parents never put me in competitive cheerleading because holy frick I wanna be flexible and be a flyer with a six pack and can tumble like nobody’s business! But no, I play basketball and soccer, definitely two of the most unattractive sports for women, but it’s fine, it’s whatever, it’s not like I could’ve been looking like a badass doing a friction bow and arrow in the air and then doing a double down out of my stunt!!

But regrets, everyone has them! Even when we try to live regret free lives, they some how pop up into our minds. But I think they’re important! Just like mistakes, you can learn from regrets and become a better person because of them!!



Do I have regrets?  Yep. Wish I would have quit softball in high school when it wasn’t fun anymore and did track instead.  Wish I would have stayed in dance classes when I was younger. Wish I would not have worried so much about what other people thought when I was in my 20’s.  Do I wish none of these regrets would have happened? Nope.

I am who I am today because of these regrets.  I am such a better mom because of what I have learned from these regrets that I can now share with my daughters.  I want to show them to live more adventurously and don’t worry about what other people think. Life will be so much more fun and joyful.  

That is why we think regrets are OK in life.  I remember a long time ago hearing a speaker talk about “no fear, no regrets” and thinking that is how I want to live my life.  But then I quickly realized that fear and regrets are part of life and it actually is a good thing. Mark Twain said it best, “Courage is not the lack of fear.  It is acting in spite of it.” We are going to be fearful. But that is what is going to help us be courageous. You cannot have courage without fear. Fear can be the energy that gets us going.  The key to all of this is not to let the fear or the regrets cripple you into doing nothing. Instead use them to your full advantage. Don’t let that fear or regret stop you...take that energy and keep going, keep growing, keep changing.

So now I no longer wish for “no fear, no regrets”.  I say “yes fear, yes regrets”. Because I know I can still be courageous in spite of my fears and I can learn and grow in spite of my regrets.

What regrets do you have?  How has it shaped you into who you are today?  Let us know!



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