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We made money thrift shopping!

Hi guys it’s Kate Larry and I will be popping into the blog this week and I guess I am the “guest blogger”!! Here are some fun facts about me before I explain why I am really here…

~I am the manager of this whole thing

~I teach my mom how to take selfies even after she has done this for over a year

~I play three sports- soccer, tennis, and basketball

~I love pizza and frozen yogurt

~I am the least favorite child by far because Elsa gets whatever she wants and Emily is just always with her friends

Anyway….this week my mom and I went to Plato’s Closet to turn in all of my clothes that did not fit me and then hopefully get some sort of money out of it to then buy more clothes at Plato’s Closet! Turns out we got $35 out of my clothes, so I decided to buy a couple of things…

A new pair of nike running shorts because that is all I live in...

A pair of blue romper shorts just to get me in the summer mood...

A Hollister shirt that could go with basically anything...

Hope you guys enjoyed me popping in and hopefully see you soon.

P.S. my Insta is @kate.larry



We made money thrift shopping! How? We brought in our donated clothing to Plato's Closet and walked out with $35 cash right there on the spot! We were shocked! We were not sure how much of our clothing they would accept so we kept our expectations low. We did have a lot of clothing but they mentioned that they were having a clearance event right now and were being ultra picky. OK. No problem.

It only took about 30 minutes for them to go through the clothing. They make sure it is in good condition, trending with current styles and then they enter the brand into their system and voila they get a price. You can accept the offer or decline and they do send you home with the remainder of your clothes.

This was so simple and it is such an easy way to clean out your closets and make a little money - perfect motivator for my teenagers. If you visit their website, it lists which brands they are looking for. I will say that the brands they want are definitely in the younger age group but I was still able to donate a few Abercrombie items I had. They also do not accept youth clothing.

Another great place to donate clothing is at thredUP. This is the largest online thrift store. They have EVERYTHING you can imagine and every brand you can imagine. You can also order a kit to send in your donated clothing. We will be trying this soon as they will take more of my clothing as well. Oh and you can get up to 50% off your first order with code NEW. Check it out!

Now we couldn't leave the thrift store without shopping and WOW did we find some gems! It happens every time and you do not have to stay there forever. We were in and out in an hour.

Found this H&M denim skirt with the tags still on for $5! The Rolling Stones t-shirt is from here as well that Elsa found a few months ago.

And then once again I found like new lululemon crop leggings for $22!!!! They are amazing! They have a separate rack for lululemon items. The plum colored ones I found about a month ago for $35. Still giddy about these purchases.

And last but not least, I couldn't leave without a pair of shoes - so cute for summer! Marc Fisher for $13!




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