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Walmart fashionable? Yes!

Ok I am going to be completely honest. I don't normally shop at Walmart for clothes. No reason - I am usually running in and out of there with nothing more than toilet paper and bananas. But the other day I decided to take my time and go through the women's clothing. OMG! I was so impressed with the variety and quality of clothing. I filled my cart and headed home to try it all on and now I want to keep it all!

This is how I approach being fashionable...let's look like a million bucks without spending a million bucks. I want quality clothing that is not going to fall apart after one day of washing it, but I also want a good price point so I can stay on budget (I am sure that Jason is laughing his head off right now). And now with places like Walmart, Target and even Amazon competing for my money - they are all stepping up their game with quality products.

So we decided to put Walmart to the test and I am happy to report back that it is spot on with unbelievable pricing.

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first of all, I want to give my mom major props for all of this! No matter where she is, if she finds something she thinks she can create into an amazing blog post, she grabs it! I mean, cmon, who woulda thought walmart would actually be holding fashionable clothing? Like no I did not believe those words when they came out of my mom’s mouth, but then again, here we are!

I also want to give my mama llam probs to putting up with me through this blogging process! This week has been a super busy week for both my mom and I and when it came down to it, I wasn’t feeling like I could try on all of these clothes from Walmart. Of course my mom understood and now here I am, about to comment on how good my mom looks in Walmart clothes, I mean stay tuned if you want some real juicy feedback!



Jen - Let's start with dresses. This type of dress is everywhere with the button down front AND pockets (my favorite if you didn't know). Made with cotton, not polyester. Feels soft and not rigid. And the stripes??? LOVE!

Elsa - the blue long dress and the striped long dress both look great! they have the cute, accessory buttons and the tie in the front really brings the dresses together! Personally I like my mom in the blue dress because I think it looks better with her skin tone, but let’s be honest, she is killing it in the striped one too!

Jen - Now before I show you all of the clothing I found - take a look at this ADORABLE handbag I paired with one of the dresses. Natural on one side and striped on the other!

Elsa - Aside from the long dresses, the one blue/white striped, short dress is ADORABLE!! The V-neck is amazing and it’s perfect for a super nice and chill summer day! When my mom was trying on these clothes, she was gushing about this one to me and I have to agree, it is my favorite ! Now onto the totes, the first circle, striped, natural one I LOVE!! The stripes aren’t aggressive colors so they can match with anything and the length of the stripes is just perfect! The fact that it’s natural on one side just makes it all the better, proving to be an every day, yet exciting bag! This tote is a definite beach or grocery shopping tote, for sure!

Jen - Speaking of handbags and totes, stop what you are doing right now and go grab this one! This tote is amazing and comes in so many colors! And it's under $10! What?!

Elsa - I also love love the all striped tote! This bag is definitely a more casual day bag instead of beach day! I personally love these totes both a lot and would highly recommend going to Walmart sometime soon to stock up for summer totes!

Jen - Who's ready for summer? ME! And I found GREAT t-shirts that are not see through and linen shorts for $10!

Elsa - the shorts my mom found were really really cute and I’m surprised they even have brands like this at Walmart! But, now they do and my mom picked out the perfect pairs! Instead of complicating an outfit with these shorts, you can simply wear a white t-shirt and still look better than anybody else who is actually trying ! Personally, I believe the shorts looked best paired with the orange shirt!

Jen - One last t-shirt and shorts. I love the pocket and subtle stripes on this tshirt and these casual shorts are perfect for the summer! This short comes in so many colors including navy and white stripes.

Elsa - those camo shorts seemed insanely comfy and honestly, just wear any top, it doesn’t matter, it’s not like anyone can see them anyway ;)

Jen - Ok now on to active wear...sooooo impressed with the material of everything I found. Especially the running shorts. And the tank top is the perfect length.

Elsa - I personally think my mom killed this category the most! I,as well, was surprised by the selection of athletic shorts Walmart had to offer, but all of the running shorts, in general, looked great on my mama llam! I personally love the white ones, they bring some extra color into my mom and her outfit of choice!

Jen - And take a look at these joggers! Spot on!

Elsa - WOW!

Jen - How about these cute peasant tops? Love the sleeves on the white one and the stripes on the other one.

Elsa - super cute and I love the stripes!

Jen - Do you buy swimsuits at Walmart? The selection is amazing and this one piece was too cute to pass up!

Elsa - okay the swimsuit was cute as hell ! It had lots of colors and honestly looked like the perfect beach day outfit!

Jen- I fell in love with these pajamas that also have shorts for bottoms, but the pants are so cute too!

Elsa - the pajamas were cute but also looked comfy as hell!

Jen- Head over to our Instagram page to see the full try on in our stories. xo

Elsa - Overall , a huge success for my mama llam and some more information for you!! I guess go check out Walmart if you ever want a quick, easy shopping trip!! xo


May 06, 2019

Thanks!!! Love the tote and dress too! Such cute stuff :) xo


Amy Bradford
Amy Bradford
Apr 26, 2019

Adorable finds! The tote and the first dress are my favorites!

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