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Transition Time

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary the definition of transition is “a passage from one state, stage, subject or place to another.” Many of us have been going through A LOT of transitions over the past 60 days or so. Some good, some not so good.

For me, having all of my kids home has been a beautiful transition. Having no sport activities (although not so great) has allowed us to go to church every Sunday (virtually of course). Having Jason home and not traveling has been a blessing. Getting projects done around the house that were never on our list has been great. Having more time to read and watch some great Netflix shows has been awesome!

But some of the transitions have been not so great. Kate was supposed to try high school lacrosse for the first time. Emily was supposed to have a graduation from middle school and the infamous 8th grade dance. Elsa was supposed to finish off her freshman year of college with her new friends. Elsa and I were supposed to attend a blogging conference in Houston. Ugh these things that did not happen are a big bummer.

However, there is another definition for transition and that is “an event that results in a transformation.” Wait! Read that again! Ok we have definitely had a MAJOR event happen in all of our lives, but out of this could possibly come a transformation???!!!

The Latin definition of transition is “a going across or over”. When I read this I think that these transitions are stepping stones toward something new, different, and even better! It initially may not be our circumstances, but how can we not be transformed? And we will all experience it differently. My girls are definitely in a much different transition than me, but they are resilient and strong and courageous and they are going to come out of this experience with more compassion, more kindness, and more empathy than ever before.

This spring we got to watch the transition of these beautiful robin’s eggs. We watched as they hatched and went through a stage of dependence and protection. We watched as their mama covered them with her mighty wings during a storm. We watched as they had utter dependence on her for their feedings. And then we watched as they grew and eventually out of COMPLETE TRUST, fly out of their nest.

This is what I want my transformation during this particular transition to look like. Dependence, protection and absolute trust!



I think it’s safe to say we are all experiencing a transition and transformation period at the current moment and within the last few weeks! And for everyone that time period looks different! I’ve seen so many influencers post about how this is your time to get that body you’ve always dreamed of or get everything crossed off your check list! Yet I’ve also seen influencers speak about how this is a new and uncomfortable time, it’s okay to take the day off, it’s okay to eat junk food some days; every day is different for everyone! Personally, I think a good in between those two lifestyles is where I’m at!

I just finished my freshmen year of college which is MINDBLOWING to think about! I’m so so sad I only have 3 years left at that amazing place and to add on to that, I’m so so sad I couldn’t finish my freshman year there. However, corona did bring some positives to my school year! I was struggling a little bit more this semester with coursework and stress. I had a lot more tests and projects to prepare myself for while at school.

Fortunately, one of my largest classes had to decrease its workload because it was a course based on working with design teams! Another one of my more difficult courses went to open-book exams which helped tremendously! So although I was so very upset to not have spent the last 2 months with my best friends in Minnesota, I was able to de-stress and calm down about school a bit!

Since school is over and everything is still currently closed (however hopefully opening up!!) there is truly slim-to-nothibg to do! BUT I am trying to get a job!🎉🎉🎉 it’s been a dream and goal of mine to work at lululemon since the end of this past summer. Obviously all lululemon’s are currently closed so that really halted my application process. However, Kate and I have a friend who got a job at a nearby Target and said the pay and job was great! So here I am, applying and hoping I can still work during this crazy, crazy time!

One more thing that’s been unfortunate but also positive because of this pandemic is my eating!! I feel like that’s a very formal and serious way to put it, but I mean it light-heartedly! At school, all of my friends and I were healthy queens! We were going to the gym early in the morning, eating healthier snacks and meals and overall doing great. At home, it’s a whole different world! We have oreos and chocolate and cheese-it’s!!! All things I love but wouldn’t buy for myself at college to avoid the temptation! To say the least, it’s been a struggle adjusting to life at home, but of course it’s been worth it. Now I can have delicious meals and actually eat meat and workout whenever I please!

So many positives and negatives coming from this difficult time but I’m grateful for all of them!! Hope y’all are transitioning and transforming nicely!



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