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Surprise! Elsa came home :)

So, this past weekend I went home! It was a surprise for Kate and Emily and my dad! My mom and I planned the whole trip the Sunday before this past weekend! So basically I’ve been thinking about coming home for a little bit, just for fun, just to see the fam and do whatever!

Well, as it turns out, the majority of my friends were heading down to Madison for the weekend to meet up with their high school friends. This trip was planned a while ago for them but I just never knew about it! So the plan to go home was perfect for this past weekend because none of my friends would be here anyway!!! So I called my mama and discussed the idea with her and she loved it and then presented the idea of surprising Kate, Emily and Dad!!

Obviously I was down but we were going to have to keep it a secret for a good amount of time! The plan was, I take the 6:40am Greyhound bus to Milwaukee and mama picks me up at 1pm there on Thursday!! And then I would surprise Kate and Emily Thursday night and my dad Friday because he was getting back from London on Friday!! And then I take the 2:10pm bus back to Minneapolis on Sunday! The plan worked perfectly!! Mom picked me up and we drove home and grabbed some lunch but then we had to wait for a couple of hours because Kate and Emily both planned stuff to do after school! So I ended up surprising them both later at night! Emily hasn’t seen me at all since I’ve been at college and Kate hasn’t seen me in like 2.5 months so it’s safe to say they were both pretty surprised!

I LOVED being home!! Not to say I don’t love it here at the U but being home just gives me good vibes!! Besides there’s Dunkin Donuts coffee back home… and avocado toast!!! They don’t have that here!!

On Friday I got to go visit Bryce at Concordia and that was AMAZING, as it always is when I see him! I missed him (and his incredible family) a bunch!! The timing got super messed up on Friday though and I forgot my dad would be insanely tired when he got home from London! So I got home from visiting Bryce and had to wake my dad up to surprise him! Whoops!! Sorry dad! It’s okay though, he was happy and definitely surprised as well!

Kate and Emily didn’t have any sporting events last weekend so on Saturday we all got to chill! I ate more avocado toast and drank my Dunkin coffee and honestly, I was living for it!! I also got to catch up on Keeping up With the Kardashians and that was just incredible!! My fam then went shopping for some necessities, I needed winter boots (IT’S SNOWING RIGHT NOW AS I TYPE) and Kate needed basketball shoes for the upcoming season! Then we grabbed a delicious family dinner at Lou Malnatis!! And then on Sunday we just chilled until Mama llam and dad had to drive me to Milwaukee!

Buuuutttt the bus ride going back was not so fun! It was delayed 30 minutes and then since it started snowing in Wisconsin, the bus driver slowed down and took a different route off of the highway and we arrived about 1.5 hours later then we were supposed to!! But it was definitely worth it!! I love being here in Minnesota, but aside from the lake house, home is my favorite place to be!!!



I love surprises! And even though I knew about this surprise, it was still so fun! And no one knew Elsa was coming home. I didn't even tell my Mom! LOL

It felt so good to have the WHOLE family together. It is still odd to me that Elsa is away at college. When she is home it's like she has never left and yet she lives this whole other life away from us - very weird!

I am pretty sure we went to Dunkin Donuts several times (there are no Dunkin Donuts on campus - only Caribou Coffee and Starbucks) and of course we went shopping too! She needed a pair of legit winter boots!!!!

We even started watching The People vs. O.J. Simpson on Netflix. The girls were very interested in this story and there is so much I have forgot. We will probably binge watch the rest of it over Thanksgiving.

And speaking of Thanksgiving, it is only 14 days away and we get to see Elsa again! Can't wait! Pretty sure she misses Bucky the most though!!!!



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