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Summer is almost here! (so it's time to get a job!)

My high schooler's only have 12 days left of school!!! What??? How can this be? My palms are sweaty and my heart is racing just thinking about it. Not because I don't love summer and spending it with my girls, but this just confirms that time is going way too fast and Elsa is almost out the door! Please stop the clock!

But this also means it is time to get a summer job! Is this too much to ask of my teenager? I believe that our teenagers should experience the fun (and sometimes not so fun) of having a summer job. Why? Because it is a right of passage, there are fun jobs out there, we did it, and let's be honest it is time for them to buy their own Starbucks for goodness sake! I realize back then we didn't seem to have all of these other obligations like high school sport camps that appear to occupy the whole summer, but suck it up because you are going to have to learn what work is sooner or later.

Some of my favorite summer jobs were babysitting, lifeguarding, and working at our local athletic store. I mean I got paid to sit outside and get a tan! And then I prayed that no one would actually need me to save them because then my hair would get all wet. And even though I worked every day, I still had plenty of time to hang out with my friends. This is not difficult people. So, Elsa please go get a summer job :)

PS - there was one summer during college that I worked in a factory and put the little scoops in the Slimfast cans for 10 hours a day. That sucked.


Hey guys whats up Kate Larry is in the houseeeeeeee!!! I have taken over this weeks blog post because poor Elsa is under the weather :(. There is only 2 weeks left of school and all my teachers think that it is totally ok to throw so many tests at us when finals are just around the corner! Right now I am not even thinking about summer jobs. Who needs those when you can just sneak some money from your moms wallet when you wanna go shopping or go out to lunch with your friends? Anyway, I am so glad that I got to share a little bit about my life and I hope everyone has a great week!!!!!!

~Kate (the middle sister)


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