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Styling outside of the box with fall must haves

Before we get started just wanted you to know that it's just Jen writing today's post as Elsa has been sick all week :(


There are a lot of fall must haves right now from cardigans to booties, but we wanted to take these must haves and think outside the box.

Let's start with cardigans. Cardigans are a must, however it's time to get away from the same old plain colors. Let's add some texture and different colors (black not included lol). I am in love with this long cardigan and although it is gray (typical color), it has these big textured stripes in it. Adorable!

I like the different look of this cardigan because it has multiple colors in it, three quarter length sleeves and a medium length.

Cannot live without leopard, but let's go beyond the shoes and belts and find different colors of leopard. I love this dark sweater. How cute are the buttons???? Or you can go all out with a leopard dress...YES!

Time to add a floral dress to the mix! So many ways to style this dress! Add a jacket and a wide belt. Remember just think outside the box and voila! By the way I am in LOVE with this color!

Plaid plaid plaid! Let's go beyond the plaid shirt and wear a dress instead! And don't forget to add sneakers! Sneakers are so in right now!

And last but not least accessories, jackets and booties. Everyone probably has a jean jacket, but what about a teddy bear jacket for fall? And how many booties do you own? Well let's change them up a bit and get a little more funky with snakeskin or more of a pointed toe (I will be wearing my booties ALL FALL!!!!) And don't forget your purse - but this time don't just grab a tan one, look for one that has multicolors or textures on it.

So head over to your closet and see what you have and then think outside of the box. Grab that cute dress and add sneakers to it or a belt. Have the same old cardigans? Shop for some that have different colors or textures (no black!!!!) Target has A LOT of options! Good Luck! You got this!



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