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School's out for Summer

Summer is frickin' FINALLY here!! and luckily for me and the rest of the seniors, it came two weeks before everyone else, and lemme tell ya, that’s a blessing all in itself!

Although my summer only started 6 days ago, I’ve been on summer mode ever since the end of spring break! but, even though my summer feelings were coming in pretty early, I’m still proud of how I ended my school year! fortunately enough for the seniors, you don’t have to take finals if you have a C- or better in a class, so no frickin' finals for me!! and then the only exam I had to take was the ap psych exam (which I’ve heard from multiple people, is the easiest ap test!). so other than studying for that ap test, the end of my senior year was a breeze!

Senior activities at the end of the year are really fun and exciting! especially the senior breakfast which actually has pretty good food! idk how but it does! at this senior breakfast, the senior superlatives are given out! I, obviously, was going for the best dressed! thankfully, i won, basically a little “award” that boosts my ego probably a little too high! but at the same time, for the weird and outgoing outfits I would put myself in, idk who else the award would go to!!

Speaking of outfits, mom and I popped into Target to try on a few things for summer and I am in love with all Wild Fable clothing. Here are my summer pics so far...

In love with these crop pants!

These pants are too cute! And work great with this striped t-shirt.

Can't go wrong with a pair of these shorts and tank top.

And everyone needs a yellow dress :)

Ok back to the end of my senior year. Then came graduation. Thankfully it wasn’t too painfully long, although we heard about the state football championship maybe a couple times too many! and now I'm here, kinda sorta preparing for summer!

This year I’m reaaallllyyy excited for summer! 1) I have no sports or camps I have to attend 2) I’m working an amazing job 3) I have so many fun and exciting trips planned with the ones I love most 4) I’m preparing for college (okay this one I’m not assss excited about, but it’s all an exciting new beginning!)

Although I don’t have any sports or camps to attend I really should get into a workout routine because I can’t just sit around and do nothing or I’ll gain the extra 15 pounds before college even starts!! so if anyone has any workout/fitness ideas lemme know! I’m also super excited for the amazing job I have set up! I’ll be working as a nanny monday, tuesday, thursday, and friday and from 10-3 so if that isn’t the perfect job, idk what is!! the kids are great and I’m super excited to have fun with them this summer! (this schedule also leaves my weekends open for the lake and lemme tell ya that’s a fat dab)

I’m also HYPE for all the trips I’m taking! with my family and with my best friend and with my boyfriend! oh it’ll be so amazing!! and then there’s college, which somehow I need to try and prepare for and i don’t think I’m even ready to start preparing for it! it seems so far away yet it’s literally just around the corner! I’m not ready to leave but I know it’s gonna be an exciting new beginning! although I’m writing about how awesome this summer will be, I really need to get downstairs and do the picture boards for my graduation party or my mom is going to kill me!!!



Ok I am sitting in my office just talking to Elsa about all the things and man I am going to miss these sweet moments with her. There will still be LOTS of sweet moments...they will just look a little different.

So I was not sad at graduation. It was such a beautiful day and I was so proud of Elsa and all of her friends that it was an exciting day and not a sad one.

And then came Elsa's 18th birthday!!! Another great day of celebrating. And next up is her graduation party...another day of celebrating! I mean who doesn't like to celebrate????

I am so looking forward to summer and hopefully spending a lot of time up at the lake with friends and family. Elsa and I are also going on a trip to California together and y'all know that that is my ultimate favorite place! We are also headed to Minnesota for her orientation and looking forward to transitioning into this new adventure.

And I can't wait to start shopping for her college stuff! We will most definitely do a blog post on all of those goodies!

Speaking of goodies, Elsa and I found some cute stuff to get you started for summer at Target. Here are my pics!

Ok you know how much I love jumpsuits and this one feels like pj's! OMG!

And this jumpsuit feels just as soft!

You have to have a cute white tank top and I love these olive colored shorts.

OK! I am so in love with these mules!

And last but not least, these jean shorts will be on repeat all summer long!

Hopefully these ideas will get you started on your summer wardrobe. Have a beautiful Memorial Day weekend!



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