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Right now we are...

>Trying to figure out my new workout routine.  I currently have 2 gym memberships, a running crew, and a boot camp that my girlfriend does that I enjoy.  But this summer I was all over the map and I CRAVE routine so I need to figure out what gym to belong to, what days to run, and whose boot camp I can live through :)

>Remodeling our mudroom.  I am so excited about this new space.  It is almost complete and now I just need to put everything back in this room, however, I plan on donating most of it because dear lord we do not need this much stuff!  Here is a sneak peek...I plan on doing a blog post about all of the details soon.



>Excited for my tennis league to start again.  This is why I have one of my gym memberships lol.  Hoping to repeat another championship this year!

>Helping Elsa apply to colleges...ugh.  This task has become VERY time consuming and I am not sure if we are even doing it all right.  Feeling the pressure now that her senior year has started. If any of you who have advice for us first time parents, PLEASE comment below or send us an email!  We could use some help!

>Attempting to eat healthy?  I don’t know about you but summer consists of a lot of beer, ice cream and cheese curds around here and last time I checked none of those are on the heart healthy diet :(

>Downloading all of the fall sports schedules.  Fall soccer, middle school volleyball and high school tennis only puts me a little bit of a panic!  

>Finally returned all of my Nordstrom clothes that I did not keep.  Jason always worries that I will not actually return them, but I always order multiple sizes, multiple colors, etc. and as long as the item is worth a Starbuck’s coffee, I will make the effort to return it.  In case you are wondering what I did keep, check out this blog post.

So, what are you all up to right now as we enter into a new season????



>well just put new stickers on my hydroflask so that’s really cool

>Trying to survive my senior year Yeah I know there has only been three school days so far but you bet I already had homework in every class except one. I was really looking forward to my senior year, it’s not that I’m not anymore but I feel like I’m going to be a little more stressed than i realized.

>Working on college applications Yeah let’s just say I’m very VERY thankful for my mother and father who are extremely helpful during this unbearable process.

>Trying to balance work, soccer, and school My parents tell me to get a job in the summer and then tell me I need to take more time off. Please wrap your brains around that one. I mean it makes sense! I have soccer practices and games to attend and football teams to superfan for! But i feel as though I gotta squeeze work in there somewhere!

>Trying to eat healthier Lemme tell ya, going home for lunch is amazing but also very very risky. When I had to stay at school for lunch I would have to eat the food in my lunch box and only that food! Now I can go home and eat as much as I want, not okay. Plus I would like to be healthier in general, feel better on the inside and look better on the outside!

>watching The Office as much as I can

>figuring out a time where I can make a friend of mine's bracelet



Aug 21, 2018

Thanks ladies!  I like to sit in there and stare at the walls :)


Amy Bradford
Amy Bradford
Aug 20, 2018

The mudroom is fabulous. It makes organization out of chaos. As for the gym thing...I vote Centegra! Elsa- Awesome choice in a tv show...Parkour, Parkour!!


Aug 20, 2018

Your mud room is incredible. The walls!!! I’m so impressed

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