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Red Boots? We say YES!

Hey friends! Let's do this and wear RED! Grabbed some great stuff at Target and wanted to share...including these cute red boots! Don't worry we put some other outfits together without the red boots lol.

Quick note - some of the items are not linking correctly, however, it will still take you directly to the Target website. Sorry for the inconvenience - they are working on fixing it, but we couldn't wait any longer to show you what we put together.

Oh and we almost forgot - receive a $10 Target gift card if you spend $50 and a $25 Target gift card if you spend $100! Make sure you scroll all the way to the bottom - we saved one of our favorite holiday shoes for the end :) Happy Shopping!

Jen & Elsa

Pair the red boots with light jeans, a turtleneck and a poncho. The turtleneck is my favorite from Target and how versatile is the black poncho?

Mix the boots with some patterns from your leopard (always goes with red) and checkered.

Of course red always goes with black. Lace top is from J.Crew last year (lots of sales at J.Crew as well) and I am in love with this sheath dress from Nordstrom.

Boots can add a little fun to a t-shirt and jeans outfit. How cute is the football shirt from Target? Jeans are from Nordstrom - they are my favorite!

Ok let's change it up a bit and look at these boots! So versatile and this sweater is spot on! Wear it with black or light jeans.

Speaking of sweaters! You know how much I love bell sleeves and look at this super cute, super soft stripe one!

Cannot do Target without some work out wear. These leggings are super warm and I love this new black pullover - adorable!

Can we just pause for one moment and take a look at these beauties???? They come in black as well and they have a small heel - PERFECT for the holidays - LOVE me pretty shoes!

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08 nov. 2018

Thanks Amy! Ugh I will be on the look out for some flats for you!


Amy Bradford
Amy Bradford
07 nov. 2018

Adorable! I am a sucker for boots. My only issue is I sadly can't wear heals due to foot issues =( I need those red ones in flat heels. Love the variety Jen

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