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Prom 1990 vs. today Part Two!

I believe there are moments in your life that are hard to put into words. Your wedding day, your first baby, your first kiss, your first "i love you". You try to explain what these moments feel like but no words can really capture it. And then all of sudden it happens again, but this time through the eyes of your children.

And your heart is about ready to burst with joy and love and happy giggles because your teenager cannot get the grin off of her face. She cannot stop glowing. And you are so happy for her that you cannot get the grin off of your face and the glow off of your face (or maybe your skin is oily like mine!)

As you can see I am having a hard time putting into words these feelings I was having watching Elsa experience her first prom.

This girl was SO happy that it shined everywhere! On her face, her dress, her red converse shoes!

Nothing could stop her that night. She made the most of every part of her junior prom. And she made the most of those memories with her best friends and her sweet boyfriend.

So although this was 2018 and not 1990, my heart felt something familiar, something that is hard to put into words, something that I will hold near and dear to my heart.


I now understand why prom is all that it is hyped up to be! That was one of the greatest nights I have ever had and I got to spend it with the people I love the most!!

There was some really yummy food, surprisingly pretty good music and quite a lot of dancing! I was with my boyfriend and incredible friends, what else did I need?!

Our school does a post prom on a boat that tours the Chicago skyline... at 1 in the morning! Everyone slept on the bus ride from the banquet to the boat, which was 100% a good thing because the DJs there were definitely better than the banquet DJ!! Better DJs=more dancing!

In a nutshell prom was one heck of a night that will go down in the books as a night to remember!



May 02, 2018

Beautiful couple!!! Also, everyone in group shot looks so great!!! Love this!


Ellen Debus
May 01, 2018

Love, love, love the pics. Especially the close up where Elsa & her beau are coming out of the school. She’s a beautiful mix of you & Jason in that pic.

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