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Prom 1990 vs. today Part One

No this is not our wedding picture although it is very close to the original!

Our last memory of prom was in 1990 and now we are about to embark on another journey of prom through the eyes of Elsa and let me tell you it is so much different.

Our theme for prom was the Time of Our Life and oh was it! That handsome young man in the picture is my husband Jason. Yes we were high school sweethearts (that will be for another blog post). I want to take us back a little and talk about prom back then and prom today. Here is a little glimpse...

Yes we wore gloves, I mean how cool is that? And the hair? I am pretty sure if I took a tape measure to my bangs, they would measure a good 6 inches high! I mean that took some serious talent to get it that high and a whole lotta hair spray! Oh and if you look a little closer, Jason has a mullet. I loved that mullet.

Back then there was no "prom proposals" and no one was getting a dress 6 months in advance. Prom was held in our school gym decorated by the prom committee at school. We had dinner at our friends parents house which was hosted by the other parents. There was no "post prom" or "post post prom". We danced the night away in the gym and then headed to the theme park or the zoo the next day.

But now things are so much different. This is our first experience with Elsa going to prom this year with her sweet boyfriend Bryce.


We bought the dress back in January. Bryce had not even asked me yet.

Prom is the ultimate peak of a girl's four years in high school (or that's what the movies will have you believe). So when you see all of your friends and other girls at your school going prom dress shopping, you speed to the nearest mall or dress store. The process of registering for prom is stressful, let me tell you, but being able to spend 48+ hours with some of my closest friends and the people I love the most will be absolutely worth it. And the fact that a majority of those 48+ hours will be spent dancing and eating, two of my favorite activities, I couldn't possibly turn down the chance to attend.


Stay tuned to see what really goes down at Prom 2018...

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