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Popsugar + Kohl's

We recently went to Kohl's to check out the Popsugar line they started carrying and we were so impressed with how adorable the clothes were. After we grabbed a few items, Elsa and I decided to see what outfits we could put together...but the challenge was we did it separately.

And voila! Other than one outfit, we put these clothes together completely different and because of that we were able to come up with about 15 different outfits! Check them out! All of the outfits are linked below the pictures.

The only outfit we matched lol!

I love how Elsa took this jumpsuit and put a red top over it...brillant!

And again Elsa took this dress and added the red top.

It is amazing how different our styles can be using the exact same items. Go check out this line at Kohl's! So cute and versatile!

~Jen & Elsa


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