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Our Go-To Holiday Desserts

Before we dive into our go-to holiday desserts, we decided to have a little fun with something new this year that we found on Pinterest. How cute are these dessert waffle cones????

Soooo easy to make! Just grab waffle cones, melt some vanilla flavored white chocolate, dip the cone in some crushed candy canes (we let them sit in the refrigerator overnight to set) and then fill them with little goodies. We filled ours with chocolate drizzled popcorn, peppermint bark, caramels, and a dipped pretzel. Cute and delicious!!! Could do this for any holiday :)

Ok time to share our go-to holiday desserts. First up, the infamous Peanut Butter Balls (recipe found here)! Have yet to find a recipe that beats this one. My father in-law puts in a request for these every year and then he freezes them and eats them throughout the year LOL!

Next up would have to be Peanut Butter Blossoms (recipe found here). When I was growing up, my mom made these every year, but she used the Brach's star chocolate candies instead of hershey kisses. Either way, they are the BEST!

And lastly I just had to highlight this amazing chocolate Buche de Noel (recipe found here) that Kate and Emily made for their french class - OMG!!! It was amazing and we are adding it to our go-to holiday desserts. They made it with the infamous peanut butter frosting that I love, but you can make it with any frosting you like. Btw, I just noticed that every dessert had peanut butter in it - sorry to my friends with allergies, but apparently my family LOVES peanut butter LOL!

Happy baking friends!!!



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