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Look who's coming to dinner...what three people would you invite?

Three people over for dinner is not enough, lemme tell ya! There are too many professional athletes, famous musicians, actors, actresses, etc. for me to only invite three people! And there’s my normal friends and family too! But I’ve decided that I already eat dinner with them enough so I’m picking a new three!

My first choice would have to be Zendaya. She’s a young and experienced actress with a dancing background! She’s huge into the women’s rights movements and politics in general! Politics don’t really interest me whatsoever, but I think it would be amazing to get motivation and inspiration from her and her points of view! Having a conversation with her would be a dream come true! Zendaya seems like one of the most exciting and relaxed celebrity there is!

My next choice would definitely have to be Khloe Kardashian. I mean cmon. She’s a Kardashian, of course I had to pick a Kardashian! But I picked Khloe because she is the funniest sister out of them all! She literally roasts everyone no matter what their situation! Khloe also seems like the most motivating and encouraging sister, so of course I would love to hear some wise words from her! Besides, she did say, “the bigger the hoop, the bigger the hoe!” So of course I gotta talk with the biggest hoe herself!!

And finally, the last person I would have to invite would be Post Malone. He is by far my favorite male singer and I frickin love all of his songs! I think it would be amazing to talk with him about his past and how he made himself a worldwide phenomenon! I also think it would be cool to figure out what all of his tattoos mean, because like there’s a ton of them! Oh! And learning about what inspired him to write the songs he still has today!

Not even gonna lie, I really don’t think you can beat my list right there! You have one major actress, one huge celebrity, and then a tattooed up guy that makes pretty bomb music! Try and beat that, I dare you!



I agree with Elsa, picking only three people is hard, but I think my list is a pretty good one. First up would have to be Michelle Obama.  This woman exuburates confidence, humility and a sincereness that would make me want to be her bestie. She’s funny, witty and has a style that I admire.  And I love how she makes fun of Barack. And she would most definitely have to spill the beans on all things “White House”! I can’t wait to dive into her book, “Becoming” and get a sneak peek into her life.

Next up would be James Corden and instead of dinner we would do carpool karaoke with Jennifer Lopez.  I mean how fun would that be? He is hilarious and I bet he has some amazing stories. I picked Jennifer Lopez so that we could also stop for a dance lesson.  I am giddy just thinking about how fun that would be with the two of them! Here’s a clip from their carpool karaoke...I mean I am jamming right now!

And last but not least I would invite my Instagram crush, Kathleen Barnes.  She is a girl from the south with the most AMAZING style. I screen shot every one of her photos because she has such a classy look about her.  I love it! She is hilarious and my favorite is when she goes on her rants about living in an apartment (temporarily) in San Francisco. We would have the most amazing dinner with wine of course and I would ask her a million questions about blogging, fashion, and all of her travels.  Then I would see if she needed an assistant :) If you have instagram, you must follow her! Her blog is amazing too.

What three people would you invite to dinner?  Let us know!



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