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Let's talk organization...and look at our pantry!

On a scale of 1-10 I would say I am an 8 on organization. I have always been a pretty organized person. I don't know if it is because I am a first born or what but I try to keep most things in order. Don't get me wrong, I don't always make my bed, however, my checkbook is balanced right to the penny lol!

So when I realized how disorganized our pantry was, I ran to Target and got organized! We do not have a very big pantry so that small space really needed to be rearranged.


First I grabbed all of the food that we did not use and was not expired and sent it over to the local food pantry. That alone made a lot of room. How many of you have a can of beans hidden WAY in the back of your pantry????? Then I got rid of all of the snack bags that had like two chips left in it - that drives me nuts. Jason came home and said, "hey, where are the fritos?" Sorry dude, less than five fritos means they are going in the garbage.

Cleaning it out


Next I headed over to Target and grabbed lots of see through bins and containers. These are super inexpensive and I like that they are see through so you know what is in it.

Then I got really excited and went to Hobby Lobby to get some fun labels. I grabbed a bunch of different ones to see which ones I liked the best. I didn't use stickers because I wanted to be able to remove these labels when I put other items in them, so I grabbed card stock labels and put glue dots on the back to adhere to the bins.

I stock up on bulk snacks and such from Costco or Sam's so I like that now I have somewhere to put the 150 bags of goldfish. And for the items that are just too big to put in a bin, our pantry has some wire drawers that I can stash those items in and restock as necessary.

I am keeping my fingers crossed that this pantry looks like this in a month, but for now I will sip some coffee and admire the organization.




Alright, am I organized? That is a great question and I think my mom could definitely agree to disagree!

When it comes to my school work and how I organize my materials I need for school, I am quite a perfectionist. I personally believe that I might have a little bit of OCD, and Kate definitely agrees with me on this one. In high school, you don't receive an assignment notebook like we used to in middle school. So, every year of high school, I go out and buy myself (well just kidding, Jen buys this for me) a planner! I take pride in my planner and how organized it is! I have my planner organized by color! The most important due dates are highlighted in yellow, and then in descending order of importance, it goes blue, pink, orange, green, and then yellow! I have been called crazy multiple times by my teachers, my boyfriend, and my family, but hey, at least I'm organized!

Now, at home, I don't know if I would call myself completely organized! I can tell you right now, my closet does not provide evidence that I am organized AT ALL! My room is pretty neat unless I, all of a sudden, receive a bunch of gifts or clothes. Then I have the bags and gifts/clothes all over my floor. See I believe how I arrange my room and where I put everything is organized, but multiple people can definitely disagree. I like everything the way it is and the way I put it, if anything gets slightly moved, especially on my desk, it will trigger me! 

So yeah, organization has a huge impact on my life and I am very happy with myself that I am an organized person! I mean if y'all ever wanna talk organization, hit me up, because I can talk about this stuff all day! 

Thank you! ~Elsa


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