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It's after Labor Day and guess what? We're wearing white pants!

Who made up this rule anyway? That you can't wear white pants after Labor Day? Does that mean you can't wear black after Memorial Day? Well we say there are no rules in fashion so wear what you want! Well unless you are my age and wearing a crop top, but then again if that makes you feel awesome, then I say go for it!!!!

We pulled together a bunch of outfits for the fall so grab those white pants on your way to the pumpkin patch! Let's start with plaid - does this ever go out of style?

I love love love an oatmeal sweater (this is an old one from Target) with white - so classy!

Well hello favorite top from Wal-Mart! How cute is this color???? Have you grabbed yours yet?

Layers, layers, layers -easy fall look.

And blush! It's definitely a color for fall this year. (By the way, this sweater was at my Target, but I could not find it online for some reason so I linked a similar one below.)

White on white? Yes! Sometimes it's hard to find the whites to match perfectly but that's ok!

And the infamous fall cardigan :)

And a quick update on life with Elsa not at home. I miss her TONS but she is doing so great that I am finding so much joy in this new adventure. And man does that FaceTime help!



Okay white pants!! Honestly, I completely forgot about the “rule” that says you can’t wear white pants after Labor Day! I literally wore my white jeans 3 days after Labor Day, to my third day of college, completely forgetting about the “rule”. But, I definitely think that’s the beauty of fashion, there are no rules! Especially in my fashion classes, girls display all sorts of styles, designs, and tastes and I think it’s incredible because your design defines who you are as a person, it shows your personality and there are definitely no rules when it comes to personality. I also believe it’s not a big deal to wear white after Labor Day because, honestly, nobody cares! Literally nobody came up to me and told me anything about my white pants, I mean they might’ve been thinking it, but they all had other things to worry about!

I think some people could easily debate that there are rules to fashion, but I believe that is just a pastime! Nowadays, no one seems to care and they are just going for it!

There is such a strong emphasis on self-confidence and self-esteem that it is destroying the rules of fashion! I wore the white pants 3 days after Labor Day because I thought they looked good on me and with my outfit! For example, in my fashion and feminism class we discussed the topic about why it’s more okay for females to dress more masculine but it’s not okay for males to dress more feminine! There were a bunch of different points of view and ideas brought up about this discussion, but it’s a simple fashion rule being broken! Females are starting the trend of dressing more masculine (oversized t-shirts, big pants, hats, chunky shoes, etc.) and even males, wearing makeup and dressing more feminine, all of it is becoming so popular and the majority of people don’t seem to care.

So white pants? Frickin go for it!! Don’t care what other people think because honestly they probably don’t even care what you’re wearing!!

So here are the outfits I put together for fall...

Love this oversized sweatshirt and the blush color! BTW this was in the men's section lol.

Love having two of the same color between the white pants.

White on white! Definitely!

Navy is always a good color for fall.

And obviously a Minnesota sweatshirt is key :)

As for an update on college!! It’s going really really great!! I do have moments where I stress and freak out because of classes and assignments, just like high school!! But those moments are more difficult now because I don’t have my family with me to help support and encourage me!

I miss Bryce!! Not seeing him during the week feels normal because we didn’t even go to the same high school, but weekends are really tough because that’s when we would spend time together!!

Class loads aren’t bad at all! A LOT of writing assignments though, and that’s just not my favorite thing but it’s okay because I’m grinding through! It’s a little stressful just because I don’t know what to expect for a lot of things, but I’m working through my routine and figuring things out!! And I got my girl gang here to help me get through!! Since my roommate is from around the area, she has a group of friends who attend the University of Minnesota too! They’re all so amazing and the little girl gang we created is so frickin loving and supporting! AND Nana and I just planned dinner for Monday so YAY!!! I miss my extended family too because they’re so close I feel like I should be seeing them so often!! But it’s okay, because everything is working out!




Thank you sweet friend!!!



You both look adorable and I loved reading the college update!!

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