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How to use the app...get ready for Black Friday shopping!

Black Friday is exactly 8 days away and the sales are going to be AWESOME! Elsa and I are here to keep you all in the know of the best deals and one of the ways to stay connected is to follow us on the app. It is a super easy way to have all of our favorite sale items in one place and the links that will take you right to the product's website.

To get started, follow these steps...

1. Download the app.

2. Once in the app, search for coffeeandcannoliblog.

3. After you search for us, you will find all of our pictures and products in one place and and then you can click on any product to be taken to their website.

Here is a video on how it works...

Another great feature of this app is you can shop any of our pictures on Instagram by taking a screenshot of that picture. Open the app and hit the screenshot icon and voila! The picture as well as the products are listed right there.

After you press this icon, then the picture shows up with all of the products we have linked.

Check out the video too see how it works with the screenshot...

Even if you are not on Instagram, you can follow us on this app and not miss a thing!!!! And lastly on our website under Shop Our Looks will have everything linked too.

HAPPY SHOPPING friends!!!!!

~Jen & Elsa


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