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Holiday Party Outfit Ideas

There are so many ways to style your holiday party outfits. Formal, casual, elegant, classic. We have it all. Here are my favorites...

I always love red for the holidays...pretty, elegant and always in.

Ok I am so into plaid this season! You can find it everywhere and it's not just red and green - my favorite is the navy and green.

You know I am all about a little funky and this shirt does not disappoint! Add a little sparkly pants and bam!!!!

Oh velvet! Another fabric that is always in for the holidays and again you can change up the color and go that!

You know I love a jumpsuit and the off the shoulder look is my favorite right now! Elegant, sexy, stylish - all the things!



Holiday outfits!! My favorite!!!

For these three outfits I wanted to go three different but similar routes! Obviously none of them are sweatpants even though that’s what I usually live in during the holidays!!!

The Sweater Dress look!!! - simple but dressed up - a casual lunch date or shopping outfit!! - also a bomb Christmas dinner outfit!

Obviously super incredibly comfy, but showing up in style!! The Plaid Pants look!!! - cool and casual - laid back, regular day outfit - the platform docs make it a statement outfit

An every day outfit but adding more edge! The Satin Dress look!! - you will be popping - the best dressed at the Christmas party - literally showing up and slaying every single person who sees you

This outfit I LOVE!!! A bold bold statement designed for a Christmas party! I know the dress is short but there are so many different long dresses out there as well! If you wanna make a statement, look to satin!!!


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