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Happy New Year!

2018 was one of the most challenging, yet rewarding years of my life! As I look back on 2018 I realized how much I accomplished, not only as a student or an athlete but as a person in general! I mean I got into college and passed AP Physics in 2018 so yeah I took a couple phatty dabs as a student!

All of the athletic teams I play on took some major dubs (and definitely some major L’s) in 2018! But the most important thing about 2018, was that it was honestly the happiest year of my life! Now this isn’t only because I started dating my amazing boyfriend, but because of the incredible memories and moments that I created with my family and friends in this past year!

My family was fortunate enough to travel to Costa Rica and Rome (both amazing amazing places O M G!!), we weren’t able to spend as much time at the lake as we planned this summer, but we still made it memorable!! I took a couple trips within the states with my amazing soccer team and mama llam! One of my favorite memories from 2018 was the Canada fishing trip with my grandpa, dad, and Bryce! It was so so refreshing and exciting being on the water every day and eating all 10 of my mint chocolate sticks after dinner every night! I had such an incredible time with the most important men in my life (of course including papa!) I strengthened relationships with friends and let go of toxic people in my life! 2018 was more than just a success!

On to 2019…

~ I told my dad the other day that one of my new years resolutions was to eat healthier… he laughed at me. all though I don’t eat very healthy like ever, I want to create a healthier version of myself this year. especially while I’m going into college. ~ I need to connect to Jesus more. i have gotten so off track with going to church and reading His word that it’s bad for me! i like to listen and learn about Scripture, but I need to figure out how i will incorporate this back into my daily schedule. Goal for 2019… ~ join the Minnesota rowing team… will this happen? not sure… will my college be paid for? yes… do I have the body for this? probably not! Praying for that goal and that’s for sure!

2018 was one of the happiest years of my life and I can’t wait to become more and more happy throughout the years to come! onto bigger and better things this year!!



I have some mixed emotions now that Christmas is over...ready for a routine and less eating and drinking lol...not really ready to get up to an alarm, not ready for the crazy schedules to start back up, and definitely wishing our “family nights” would never end...those were my favorite... just sitting around having dinner TOGETHER AROUND A TABLE and watching simple and so perfect.  I believe not all good things come to an end...they just change a little. So to finish off 2018, I wanted to share my favorite things and let you in on my 2019 dreams.

In 2018…

~We started this blog!  Our first post was in March and we are having a blast!  The first post was like 3 sentences...check it out here. LOL.  Now we can’t shut up.

~Took a water ski trip to Costa Rica...amazing!  

~Went to Rome to celebrate my in-laws 50th wedding anniversary!

~Elsa got accepted to her number one school...University of Minnesota...yay

~Had another amazing week with our family at the lake.

~Elsa got a summer job!

~And best of all, just being together.

I am so excited for 2019 and I want to dream the BIG dreams and go for it...why not right?  

~Dreams like enhancing the blog to bring our dedicated followers more great stuff.  

~Taking more pictures of myself for the blog...NOT!  But hopefully better ones at least :)

~Enjoying all the moments with my family...Elsa will be leaving for college this year!  Ugh!

~Not interrupting people - this is a big dream as I have yet to accomplish it!

~And not having such a potty mouth...I needed to add this to 2019 because it was also on my 2018 dream list...dear lord

So friends, thank you so much for being a part of this journey.  We truly would not be here without all of you cheering us on! Thank you thank you thank you!  And here’s to 2019...let’s F***ing do this!!!!



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