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Getting Ready for Rome

We are in the process of getting ready for our trip to Rome this week!  I cannot believe it is already here. The whole family is going to celebrate my in laws 50th wedding anniversary! As I sit here and write this all of these questions are swirling in my head...What to wear?  Can I walk around Rome in my super cute heels (probably not)? Then of course I have the practical questions too...who is going to feed the fish? What books am I going to download? What in the world are the girls going to do on the plane?

But let’s be honest, I am most excited to step out of these midwest clothes and into some Rome fashion!  Take a minute and look at these photos I found on Instagram and my first thought is...can I get a snakeskin mini skirt overnighted?  Because this is what I really want to wear as I eat my gelato!

I still have some time to figure this out (we leave on Friday) and I do not pack until the night before anyway.  Call me crazy, but it works for me. I forget less items the later I pack. Don’t worry, I have already started two lists - one list for what to bring and one list for what I still need to do before we leave.  But packing in advance throws me off and I inevitably forget an essential item like underwear.

We also do not check in bags...yep somehow we manage to pack what we need and ALL of the shoes we intend to wear on a carry-on suitcase.  I have actually watched YouTube videos on how the “experts” pack - it is amazing how many things you can roll up and stuff into those cute high heels.  Which reminds me...I could use a pair of leopard pumps about right now.


PS - don't forget to follow us along on Instagram - we will be posting lots of pictures and stories during the trip


In my school, if you’re going on a vacation and will be missing quite a few days you need to get a vacation slip signed by a teacher. I went up to my fashion teacher and asked her to sign my vacation slip. Being an avid lover of travel herself she asked if I was so excited and whether or not I had started packing. I just stood and stared at her. No, I had not been thinking about going to Rome and no I had not even started thinking about clothing choices, I still had school and soccer to go to and schoolwork to do! But, since it was a three day weekend I had way more time to think about what my style is going to be in Rome. Here are some of the looks that inspired it...



Sep 05, 2018

Great idea! Hope to see you too!!! xo


Amy Bradford
Amy Bradford
Sep 04, 2018

I'm gonna vote for light weight dresses (I think it's still upper 80s) and comfy sandals. Have an awesome time. I hope we can meet for a gelato! Ciao =)

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