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From Crib to College (almost) & Homecoming

It does seem like that sometimes...that Elsa was just a baby and here we are now finishing up applying to colleges.  It is true that time does fly, but we already knew that so how do we embrace the time that is happening RIGHT NOW?

When my girls were little I remember feeling guilty that I wanted time to go a little faster.  Why? Because I was exhausted, it was hard, I felt insecure, the laundry pile was always huge, Jason was traveling, and I was struggling with perfectionism.  That was a hard season for me and I remember thinking, I am supposed to cherish every minute of this???!!! Of course I loved their cute faces, the trips to the zoo, reading to them at night and watching them sleep (who else loved this part???)  But it was not perfect, as a matter of fact, it was beautifully imperfect. I only wish I could have realized that back then.

Realized that it was amazingly imperfect, that living in chaos is OK, that not taking a shower is OK (I still don’t take daily showers), that eating McDonald’s is OK, that not volunteering is OK, that wishing time would go a little faster is OK.  This mama guilt is real and it still exists, but now I just tell that voice to be quiet and it listens.

That voice is much quieter now because I am older, wiser (still to be determined), happy with all of my imperfections, embracing the chaos, not living my life according to everyone else’s expectations, and truly embracing TODAY.  Just today. Not yesterday. Not tomorrow. TODAY. Of course my girls are older and that helps, but I don’t feel guilty for what I wished for when they were little. This is life. That was a season. This is a season. Not every season is perfect, but every season is beautifully imperfect.  



To start this blog post off, it’s Bryce and I’s 10 month today! So, to the guy that makes me smile the biggest, happy 10 month! I love you, thanks for making me the happiest person in the world!

To describe the other part about this blog post, homecoming, in a nutshell, it sucked. Don’t get me wrong, before and after homecoming I had a great time with my friends! But, the dance itself is not something to brag about! The fact that Cary-Grove dresses up in themes for their senior year surprises a bunch of people. A couple of my friends and I dressed up as some of the characters from Mean Girls and it’s definitely safe to say we killed it. I loved dressing up for the theme but, not going to lie, it wasn’t as exciting as going out and searching for a dress or a hairstyle to match it for this special occasion! To make matters a little less exciting, someone puked on the floor where everyone was dancing, so that was not very exciting! The music was okay at the dance but I think I had more fun with the block party live speaker jamming tunes from my spotify playlist on Friday night! Although it sounds like I’m complaining about my hoco experience, I’m really not! I enjoyed the precious time I got to spend dancing awkwardly with my friends in the middle of the dance floor! Was this a good homecoming to end on? Probably not, but the memories I created and time I spent with my friends was incredible!


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28 sep. 2018

Thanks girl! :)


25 sep. 2018

That photo of Mean Girls... It’s just too dang good! But, all those girls are the complete opposite of mean. Nicest young women I’ve ever known. Kudos to the stylists!

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