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Friendship...where do you begin with this word?  It describes so many different things - love, vulnerability, laughter, sadness, wine, food, peeing your pants - oops I am getting ahead of myself.  

For me friendship means truth and grace.  It means having those people that will tell you the truth with love and grace.  This is what I crave in a friendship, this is what I need in a friendship. Even when it is hard to hear, I know the words and actions come from a place of love.  I need someone to tell me I have a booger hanging from my nose, or “no” that top does not look good on you. Because if they tell you that that top (which is clearly made for a 16 year old) looks perfect on you...well, I’m not sure they are the right friend :)

It’s the person you can puke on (figuratively speaking and sometimes literally) and they will listen and speak wisdom while they clean up the puke lol.  We may do things differently or believe in different things, but that is what makes friendships so beautiful. I remember long ago thinking if I could just find a friend that was just like me - can you imagine - I probably would have already tossed that person out of my circle and thought how boring is this friendship?

And it’s OK when friendships change - yes change is hard, but we all know change can grow us and make us into something even better - we just have to be willing to let go.

So, grab your friend and go for coffee and tell them how much you love them and appreciate their friendship and PLEASE tell them that top needs to be returned :)



Although I may already be listening to Christmas music, it’s time to stuff my face with some ham (sorry, I don’t eat turkey on Thanksgiving) and apple pie (yeah, I don’t eat pumpkin pie either)! With Thanksgiving comes who we are thankful for and how they have such an affect on our lives!

Since Thanksgiving is right around the corner, mama llam and I decided we should write about what friendship means to us!

Needless to say, friendship means a lot to me. I have had the same group of friends since 6th-7th grade. And we all joined together because we played basketball and soccer and softball together in elementary school! These 6 girls have been through literally everything with me, and I have been through everything with them! But what’s kept us together for so long and what has kept us from slitting each other’s throats is our quirky and amazing friendship!

To me, friendship means: - complaining to each other about teachers or coaches - taking pictures of each other’s homework to check answers (please, we don’t copy here… ;)) - enduring looooongggg hours of practices together - jam sessions with the windows down - tickets to concerts of our favorite artists - walks to starbucks - waking up at 1:30am just to respond to a snap from your bff talking about her boy probs - telling each other whether the outfit goes together or it doesn’t - taking unexpected, ugly videos of each other, just to embarrass them the next day - convincing each other to eat so we don’t feel bad eating a chipotle burrito by yourself - sleepovers every summer night - commenting stupid stuff on each other’s instagrams - traveling together - and most importantly, loving and supporting each other

this wasn’t necessarily what friendship means, but it’s examples of my friendships with my best friends. I’ll never forget these moments with them and although I can’t remember specific memories with them right now (we discussed how, when trying to think of memories with friends for an occasion, it’s impossible, but other times, they just pop up, outta the blue), they’ll still be with me, always.

Also, friendship was redefined for me when I started talking to Bryce. Never have I ever thought I’d become so close to a guy. I’m so grateful to call him my boyfriend and my best friend.

This Thanksgiving, I’m thankful for my friendships.



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