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Finals Week

okay, finals week, basically a big oof

but, in reality, finals week is actually the best week (or two I guess, unless you’re a senior like me;p) of the whole school year

First of all, finals don’t even really affect your grade as much as you would think. Let’s also keep in mind that these are high school finals and not college finals that like determine your whole life and whether or not you have a career! As long as you have a solid grade in the class, no matter what you get, you will most likely be keeping that grade. This = stress reliever

Second of all, it’s not actually school. Depending on the times of your finals, you go to school at 9:25 and leave at 1:15. Now that time slot means you have all three finals in one day, basically an L, but, then that means you most likely only have one or two on the other days, which is a dab.

Third of all, studying. yeah, so, um I don’t really study. of course I like to tell myself i do, but I really don’t do everything I could to absolutely kill, crush, and nail the final exam. don’t get me wrong, I do the things needed to do in order to feel at least semi-prepared for the final, but I don’t kill myself (my parents and boyfriend would beg to differ). besides, these tests are based off of previous tests and everything we learned, so of course I’m not going to know the majority of the stuff on there! but I’ve winged so many tests already that I might as well wing the finals!

It’s kinda crazy though. these are going to be my last high school finals. other than the AP Psych exam in the spring, I am done taking semester finals! knowing this has really helped me destress and relax about these finals. it’s crazy to look at Kate, who’s a sophomore, taking finals I took two years ago. like I don’t have to take them anymore. it’s definitely a huge huge plus because finals are such a drag (like really, a 150 question anatomy final? i just wanted to go home!!) but considering these are my last finals means I’m half way done with my senior year which is like um not okay. basically not ready to go to college and not ready to fail college finals and not be able to get a job and have a life!!



High school finals?  Mid year? Am I that ancient that I really cannot remember taking finals midway through the year in high school?  And if we did, it definitely did not require our parents to be waiting at our beck and call to take us to school for like an hour and then home and back again.  Right?!

As a parent, this week really screws me up.  Especially right before Christmas. I think I have a whole week left, but in actuality I have like one day.  I cannot bring all of the gifts out and start wrapping because they are not at school all day. As a matter of fact, the other day I forgot they were still sleeping because they did not have a final until later that day!

And the stress I see on their faces!  I am so confused because they are freaking out about making sure they pull off a 60% on the final!  What?! My question is, why are you even studying? Ok let’s be honest, I probably would have been freaking out too because I also cared a lot about my grades in high school and I did not want to screw that up, but when your senior is up until 1:15am studying for an exam that really is not going to screw up her grade, it makes me question the whole idea of finals.  I mean I couldn’t even stay up past 11:00pm in college! Seriously! My brain shut down at 11:00pm and at that point all I could do was pray :)

And guess what?  I survived! And I got a job!  And so did Jason! And all of my friends!  So Elsa honey, as I read your blog this week, I find myself smiling and laughing.  Because I guess we have all been there in some way, but trust me girl when I tell you that you will be OK!  You really will. Your determination will carry you through, not your grades. Don’t get me wrong, they matter, but there is definitely a balance.  The key will be to find that balance and be OK with the B’s, C’s and even D’s because as your daddy would say, “D’s get degrees too”! (and jobs too!)

Now let’s go celebrate and get our nails done :)



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