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Family Week

It is with mixed emotions that I sit here and write the blog this week as the lake breeze floats across my face.  So happy because it was such a beautiful week and a bit sad that it is coming to an end.

We have been spending the week of July 4th at our lake house for the last 10 years and each year it seems to get sweeter and sweeter.  It is filled with so many great memories...drinking coffee on the dock in the morning, getting the morning ski in, coming back for breakfast, heading back out for an afternoon of tubing, playing corn holes with Papa and Grandpa, putting together a 1,000 piece puzzle, paddle boarding, enjoying cocktail hour back on the dock, fish fry with the fish my brothers caught, and doing it all over again the next day.  It doesn’t get any better than that. I will let the pictures do the rest of the talking.

Good bye lake, until next weekend anyway :)


Kysen you melt our hearts.


Tubing is their favorite.

Double skiing is awesome.

Papa is in heaven.

Papa is still in heaven.

We even got to see our best friends from Seattle! Love when they come back to Wisconsin in the summer.

Fish fry and Kopp's Custard never disappoint.



The End


This is easily one of the best weeks of summer. Time with the WHOLE family is really difficult to find, but this year everyone was up at the lake. As much as it might sound like a cliche, there isn't a worry in the world up at the lake (except the fact that we need to make sure Kysen doesn't waddle into the lake). It is so relaxing to wake up on your own time (as long as your cousins don't wake you up first) and go for a ski with your family. Being with all the family for five days is truly a blessing because we don't always get to see each other like other families. Yes, of course we get on our friction nerves, we're family for cripes sake but that's why we have multiple rooms upstairs to deal with those dramatic issues. Hearing about my younger cousin's boyfriend or watching my little cousin love on Bucky honestly makes me so happy! Besides I'm at the lake so how can I not be happy?!




Of course we will adopt you!!!! Clearly that fella was not made for you! Kopps all the way!!!



ADOPT me. Also, went to Kopps custard on my first date ever. Asked to go back for two more scoops and I never got asked out again with the fella.

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