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Definition of Insanity... kids + activities

It really is insanity at times...the craziness we do for the sake of our kids activities, but I don’t think any one of us would have it any other way.

For example, Kate’s soccer team made it to Nationals in Tulsa, Oklahoma a couple of years ago and we were just reminiscing about how awesome it was.  Funny thing is, it had nothing to do with soccer. As a matter of fact, they lost in the championship game, Kate missed the first game because our flight got cancelled, we got lost going to the field, it was a million degrees outside, and the hotel lost power the first night because of a storm.  This is what we remember, this is what we loved...being together, despite what appears to be a “loss” in the athletic world.

Even this past Sunday, Kate and I drove back from St. Louis after her morning game, had time to stop and watch Emily’s game and then headed to watch Elsa’s game that evening.  We were exhausted, but I was able to watch all three of my girls play and had a blast with Kate in St. Louis despite the fact that all three girls lost their games that day.

Don’t get me wrong, it is fun when they win, but thank goodness that is not the end.  The reality is that these activities are not the “allelujah” moment in their life, but instead it is a part of their story, a part of their journey.  A journey towards persistence, encouragement, teamwork, commitment, and FUN.

Sometimes when I tell my parents what our schedule is for the weekend, they look at us like we have three heads (mind you, they did crazy things for my brothers and I, they just can’t remember - ha!)  And I’m sure our schedule is light compared to some families out there. But it is something we as a family have chosen to do and although insane at times, I know someday we will really miss it.

So for now, I will continue to sit in my corner at games and admire my girls, soak up every moment, and have a grateful heart for this little piece of the pie called insanity :)



I’ve been playing multiple sports since I was in, probably, kindergarten. Running from sport to sport every day is a normal occurrence from us Larry girls. Thankfully, we have eased back on the number of sports we play but the intensity of each sport increased.

Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love going to soccer practice and seeing my friends who go to different schools than I do. But, it gets a bit much when you’re driving from Iowa on a Saturday and trying to get  home for a game in the morning in St. Charles. The other day, my friends and I were actually talking about how crazy it is that our Mom’s don’t have to drive us anymore. We can get ourselves to practice and warm ups by ourselves! And the fact that my mom still has to drive Kate and Emily places is weird to me!

Playing two sports in high school is difficult but not impossible at all! It hit me last year (of course my junior year) that I was going to be a litttllleeee bit stressed out with the amount of homework I had to do and the activities I had to participate in! Right now, I go to soccer three times a week with multiple games on the weekend! Basketball starts soon and that’s every day after school plus games on some weeks! Lots of people question why I still play basketball and soccer because I’m not playing either sport in college. Honestly, I couldn’t really tell ya why I’m still playing basketball, maybe because it’s my senior year? I don’t know! As for soccer, that team is my second family, and lots and lots of people don’t realize how close we are! We’ve spent so SO much time together and it’s just increased my love for these girls.

I’ve had my fair share of arguments with my parents about whether or not I can go to a soccer tournament or stay home for basketball practice. Most of the time, I’m not happy with the decision. I absolutely love soccer tournaments and what they do for my team! Even though it’s very excessive driving, sometimes games getting cancelled, and the weather is always a problem, the highlight of every soccer tournament is the memories I make with my favorite people. I haven’t exactly thought about how much I’m gonna lose when I go to college, but I’m so thankful for the sports I’ve played to give me the greatest friends a girl could ask for.



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